We Cannot Believe Our Good Fortune

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| March, 24 2020 | for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

Many, many years ago, we learned that my husband’s employer was switching to a new health insurer, one that did not include the network we were using. Almost the same day, Washingtonian Magazine published its annual list of the city’s best doctors. Dr. Theodore Li’s profile leapt out at me; I made an appointment the same day. We have never looked back.

Dr. Li’s brings to his practice a combination of skill, creativity, and warmth. As a result, he is able to be flexible and relaxed when all is well. On the other hand, he is in charge and empathetic when all is not. He is an expert diagnostician, clear in his explanations and confident enough to entertain alternatives to his suggestions. He is able to handle numerous issues right in his office, but also is connected to and has the respect of numerous specialists for serious problems. As an example, in 2012, I had a slight symptom suggesting breast cancer. My annual screening mammogram was only a month away, but Dr. Li sent me for an immediate diagnostic mammogram. Within the week, I had an appointment with an excellent breast surgeon who did a biopsy, which revealed an early stage cancer. The surgical stage of my treatment was completed before the day of my original mammogram appointment!

My husband and I cannot believe our good fortune! In our late 70s, we are in excellent health, active, able to engage in all the activities we have always enjoyed. When we consider the years to come, we are not unduly concerned for ourselves; we are concerned that Dr. Li may retire!