We can’t thank Dr Minsky enough for his caring and dedication.

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| March, 5 2018 | for Louis R. Minsky, MD

Three years ago Dr Minsky noticed in my annual physical that I was anemic. He talked with me extensively about the problem and how he thought we should go about finding the cause. He suggested we do some testing to start eliminating problems that may be causing my anemia. I went though all test Dr Minsky suggested and nothing was found. Dr Minsky, still not satisfied, suggested I see a Hematologist/Oncologists. I did as he suggested and ended up having a bone marrow. The results of the bone marrow showed I had smoldering multi-myeloma. Due to Dr Minskys dedication to finding the cause of the anemia the multi-myeloma was caught in the very early stages and my health is almost back to normal. My wife and I feel Dr Minsky has added a few extra years to our lives. He checks out every detail, no matter how minute. We cant thank Dr Minsky enough for his caring and dedication.