We feel so fortunate to have Dr Yvonne Duffe as our Doctor

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| July, 22 2020 | for Yvonne D. Duffé, DO

Two years ago my husband was participating in a sailing race with his Sea Scouts. They were sailing in the intracoastal when their boat capsized. He was caught under the sail & was rescued. He was 81 & had been sailing since he was 5 years old & never had this experience. He had invested a lot of water. He called me @ wanted me to contact Dr Duffe. He was concerned about the bacterial level of the water. I called Dr Duffe & she immediately called me & ordered an antibiotic he needed to start immediately. Well, they uprighted the boat & decided to finish the race. I arrived to pick him up & he was suffering from hypothermia. He was shaking uncontrollably, took him home , took a hot shower & put him to bed with 2 duvets on him. I called Dr Duffe again & asked her what I could do. She told me to keep on him. If his temperature went over 102 , take him to the ER. I thought how can he get a temp since he was shaking so bad. Within ten minutes his temp started rising & got to 102. I spent the next 5 hours & T 1am it finally broke. He got a good nights sleep & woke up fine. Of course this was a Saturday. I feel so fortunate to have Dr Duffe. She was so comforting to me and kept me calm while telling me what to do. If it hadn’t been for her my first stop would have been the RR. I really can’t say enough about Dr Duffe & she has a fantastic office support staff. Thank you so much.