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Dr. Beth
| February, 28 2018 | for Steven P. Friedling, MD

Dr. Steve Friedling has been my physician since I was just 21 years old. Despite the fact that he has contributed to my continuing to feel 21 years old, I am 63 years old... Why have I remained steadfast to this wonderful physician for 40-plus years?

First of all, Dr. Friedling is one of the kindest, most humble people I have ever encountered or know. as if this isn't enough, he embodies and abides by the Hippocratic Oath. He is a researcher and scientist, always remaining aware of recent and seminal studies in the medical field. Dr. Friedling does not over-treat patients, but sensibly encourages evidence-based practices to help heal patients. Dr. Friedling embraces a view of life that is one of evolvement, meaning and growth. He operates as both a philosopher, psychologist and physician, conveying the intrinsic value of each person he treats. He is a sensitive man who truly believes that medicine is both an art and science. His bedside manner is one of warmth and sensitivity, juxtaposed with exquisite skill and expertise. When he needs more information, he is not reluctant to explore other opinions or daunted by saying so. He consults with other physicians and never, ever evidences one iota of grandiosity or arrogance.

Dr. Friedling is one of the rare physicians who operates with great humanity and a calling. I'm privileged to have an internist who has all of the above attributes. He is on-call and always available. This is one amazing doctor and incredible individual... I am truly blessed! My 22 year old son is the next generation in my family to see Dr. Friedling and he raves about his kindness, gentle style and, LOL, his knowledge about basketball and the Knicks. Dr. Friedling is a man of many skills. We love him! My only request: please don't ever retire...he is not gong to be easily replaced...
Best Regards,
Dr. Beth F.