We were fortunate to meet Kevin Turner prior to our move to Arizona.

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Charles and Elaine
| February, 23 2014 | for Kevin W. Turner, MD

We were fortunate to meet Kevin Turner prior to our move to Arizona. His children and our granddaughters attended the same school. We were introduced to him and his wife Carolyn by our daughter at a school function. When we came to Arizona in the summer of 2002, we discovered that he was a Top Doc in the Phoenix Magazine.

From our first visit, we always felt a special bond with Kevin. Over the last 12 years he has been there to guide us through our medical situations. Kevin listens to you, all the while giving you his full attention. You never feel rushed. In fact, one particular visit was stressful for me and I needed to talk about a problem that concerned me greatly. At a point I realized how long I had been in the examining room and mentioned that I needed to stop talking. Kevin said dont worry about the time----he was there for me

When Kevin sent out the letter regarding his going with MDVIP we were devastated and yet, we understood why such a move would be positive for him. He is a dedicated physician who likes his patients and wants to be there for them. Our concern in continuing our doctor/patient relationship was a financial one. While seeing Kevin before he officially began his association with MDVIP we talked to him about this concern. He genuinely told us that he did not want us stressed about our decision. Yet, when we came to our final visit we knew that we had to find a way to make it work and remain a patient of his.

We look forward to working with Kevin on our wellness plan and MDVIP. Having reviewed the MDVIP literature and using the website has been positive. We are very happy with our decision to remain a patient of our Top Doc - Kevin Turner