We were patients of Dr. Chyna before he joined MDVIP.

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| February, 7 2014 | for Mark J. Chyna, MD

We were patients of Dr. Chyna before he joined MDVIP. When he joined, we were a bit apprehensive about what we could expect but decided to try the MDVIP experience for one year.

Shortly after joining, my husband had a serious accident. He was taken to a hospital in another city about 30 miles away. We were not familiar with any of the doctors and were told he would need surgery.
I immediately called Dr. Chyna and found he was making himself available to us through every step of this ordeal. He of course was not on staff at this hospital but via the phone guided us, advised us, answered questions right up to and including advising us what questions to ask in choosing an after care facility and rehab.
Dr. Chynas genuine concern and help sealed the deal with us and we are with him and MDVIP to stay.

Dr. Chynas interest and concern in our health and well-being is a big driver in our motivation to live a healthier life style. MDVIP provides many resources to aid us in our choice as well.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have Dr. Chyna as our physician and very much enjoy the benefits of his time and MDVIP resources.