What a blessing Dr. Carson is to our lives

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| March, 8 2020 | for D. Stephen Carson, MD

Our lives changed for the better when we became patients of Dr. Stephen Carson. I am 70 years old and my husband is 74. Neither of us have ever had the care, compassion, interest, medical expertise, patience (I could go on and on), from ANY other medical professional in our lives as we have experienced from Dr. Carson and his entire staff. The conscientious quarterly check-ups with Dr. Carson's staff keeps us aware of daily decisions we make as they pertain to our current and future health. Over the past couple of years my husband has gone through two hospital confinements, and now is going through a cancer diagnosis. Dr. Carson has personally directed and coordinated my husband's care through each situation. We know that with Dr. Carson's day-to-day involvement, we will have the best possible results regardless of any medical need. We are so very thankful for the blessing of being under the care of Dr. Carson and his staff and through their very capable care, we look forward to a long, active and healthy life.