What a Wonderful Primary Care Physician

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| December, 21 2022 | for Melodie Phillips, MD, FACP

I started going to Dr. Melodie Phillips years before she joined MDVIP. As her practice grew, no doubt having to do with her caring expertise, she had less and less time to spend with her patients. I have continued with Dr. Phillips as my MDVIP PCP, and I have enjoyed the enhanced quality and time spent with my visits and annual physical. I have a number of health problems and take quite a few prescription drugs. I never worry that there will be an interaction or that I’m taking a dosage that isn’t just right for me, because Dr. Phillips goes over my list of Rx drugs with me each time I see her. This is very reassuring. I also would like to commend Dr. Phillips for her personal attention to me, as a patient, when I have been very ill. She is the best!