Where do I begin with the multitude of accolades for Dr.Fowler.

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| February, 18 2014 | for Reginald S. Fowler, MD

Where do I begin with the multitude of accolades for Dr.Fowler. He is one of a kind in many aspects. He is anointed. He is special. A man of integrity. He has always allowed my family and I to feel that we have nothing to concern ourselves with medically as long as we were in compliance of a healthy attitude. Of course, who could disagree with that. I have been a patient of Dr. Fowler's since I was in my twenties! While his patient, he has celebrated career transitions,marriages,births,graduations,and unfortunately death with my family...all with compassion and heart. Never has he once greeted me without a genuine smile and a positive stance. I on the other hand have wandered into his office looking and feeling like roadkill! Fortunately, I always know that the moment I see the joy and the level of care that only he can give, this roadkill will soon be back amongst the living and feeling like a spinning top. Its without any hesitation that my family and I respect his gift of medicine.He has a gentle and easy manner that comes quite effortless for him. Due largely in part because its authentic in every way. Numerous times I find myself in awe of the man and his talent. Undoubtedly, he gets it right every time in his search to find the culprit that throws your wellbeing a curve. The determination and consistency to educate his patients on wellness,new medicine,healthy lifestyle options,cutting edge science and the like reinforces my admiration for Dr. Fowler. His sheer desire to keep you informed and healthy is only one of many reasons I could never imagine being under the care of any other physician. His team is phenomenal. Each of them are compassionate,concerned and educated. These sentiments are only a few of the stellar compliments that we as patients get to share while waiting to be seen by our beloved Dr. Fowler. His staff over the years still express the respect and loyalty they have for him. Its not uncommon to hear the roar of laughter coming from one of the rooms where he is attending a patient. Laughter is healthy as he always says. Its always a positive welcoming energy that he provides in his environment. The staff also does a terrific job in ensuring your visit will be pleasant in spite of how you may feel walking in.The gift of a slice of banana bread after fasting goes a long way in my book! I suppose when and if he ever decides to turn the lights out in the office,a visit to any Dr will never be the same for me and my family. I just hope that he will always keep his phone on for those self appointed family members like me who will always value his undying love of medicine and his contributions to the field of medicine and the young minds that he has molded and groomed for the next generation. In the meantime, I will have an attitude of gratitude for the Dr. that has ALWAYS gone the extra mile. We applaud you Dr. Fowler for leaving a huge footprint on our lives and hearts.