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| March, 26 2020 | for Maria C. Velasco, MD, FACP

Dr. Velasco is such an "AWESOME" doctor as well as a person. Dr. Velasco is such an amazing, kind hearted, loving and caring person and such a knowledgeable doctor. Dr. Velasco communicates with Dr. Jalai, who is in Houston. I was diagnosed with vasculitis so as a patient we don't always understand the diagnosis, so any results that I get she informs me and will break it down for my understanding. Dr. Velasco is helping me through my situation until we can resolve it on how to treat my condition. She says in her famous words, "My Dear" let me take your worries and you do not stress yourself. I know in my heart and mind she is sincere and is there for me no matter the outcome. She has always gone way and beyond as a Doctor and a person to make sure my well being needs are being met and I am comfortable and not in pain.