Why we are very happy to have Dr. Schetman as our PCP

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Murray and Margie
| March, 18 2020 | for William R. Schetman, MD

My wife and I moved to our home approximately 7 years ago and were highly referred to Dr. Schetman by a physician in our family. The referral has proved perfect for us.
He is always available to us and, whether we communicate in person or by telephone, he is laser focused on our concern. Dr. Schetman asks very pointed and pertinent questions, explains in great detail what his initial thoughts are and either prescribes testing or medication, as he sees fit and prudent.
He is warm, compassionate and interested in our welfare. We never feel hurried and leave him, in every instance, comforted by his expertise and warmth. On numerous occasions, Dr. Schetman has called us following our initial conversation to inquire after our health and insists in all instances that we report our progress to him within a specified time.
We have dealt with other physicians in our lives, many of whom have become our friends. That’s exactly how we view Dr. Bill Schetman.