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Richard & Sue
| March, 14 2018 | for Robert C. Homburg, MD

Dear Dr. Homburg,
Sue and I want you to know how influential you have been in the health and happiness we have achieved in Fort Collins. We moved to Fort Collins from Houston eight years ago and immediately contacted you because of our son Keith, a cardiac nurse at the time. We had moved to Houston from Australia in part because of its excellent health reputation and our concern for our health in our old age.
As expected, during our mid-seventies, we have both had some bumps in the road, but because of you and your staffs availability, your superb diagnoses, follow-up and motivation we came through just fine. Health problems are always difficult, bur working with you and your staff made them quite bearable. You and your staff are all a delight to interact with regardless of the circumstances.
We look forward to our older age in part because of your insight, humor and competence. Thank you!
Warmest regards,
Sue and Dick V.