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| March, 29 2020 | for Russell H. Myers, MD

Dr. Myers has been my physician for approximately 30 years. He has done a lot for me over these years. Earlier, my Mother passed away from colon cancer in her late forties. Dr. Myers recommended that my brother and I should be tested. I went in for the colonoscopy and they found out I had colon cancer at the age of 31. The cancer was removed and I have not had any more problems. Not too long after, while travelling a lot, I began to have problems when I ran or was working out. I went to the hospital and had blood clots in both lungs and legs. After much testing and treatment it was determined that I had a genetic condition which causes my body to create blood clots. Dr. Myers has been treating me for this condition for years now with no problems. About 9 years ago I was robbed and thrown five floors and broke many, many bones becoming a poly-trauma patient. After months of surgeries and being in the hospital, I was released to the care of Dr. Myers. Once home, I have to see Dr. Myers regularly. He has coordinated my care with other doctors and surgeons for years now. He cares for all my needs unless I need something more. He has been available to me after hours, nights and weekends and visits when I am in the hospital to check on my care and treatment. He has always had a smile and never has he seemed upset. He has even had to go to bat for me with hospital officials. He is the greatest doctor I have ever met and I hope if anyone ever needs him, just call MD/VIP and see him. Even the things I have been through, he worked out an exercise schedule with me. Dr. Myers, thank you so much!