you are a great doctor for me

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| March, 26 2018 | for Andrew N. Muller, Jr, MD

There are many times that you have taken my calls after business hours and on weekends. I still cant believe that you have answered your cell phone on Sunday while barbecuing with your family. It is a great comfort to know that I can always reach you. Of course, one of the important times was when you came to your office one Saturday morning to take care of something with time urgency. There were other times when I called you from the hospital, too, just to get some assurances about my treatment there. However, you are a great doctor for me because you are always willing to discuss my conditions and my treatment options without dumbing it down. You always make me feel like my questions and opinions are worthwhile. And that I am reasonably knowledgeable about medicine (for a patient :D). It means a lot to me to feel like I am part of the discussion. Thank you.