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| February, 28 2018 | for L. Randolph Chisholm, MD
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Dr. Chisholm,
I'm one of your newer patients, so I've only seen you for my initial consultation and my first physical. Even though I had no health concerns, I wanted to find a physician who would know me and whom I could count on to take the time and effort if I never experienced an illness. I couldn't have been happier with the length of time and the quality of the time you gave me. And of course, I loved your great report showing that my health really was as good as I believed it to be! Thank you for confirming again that all I'm doing with nutrition and aerobic exercise and strength training are truly impacting my health in my 60's! I hope you will stay at MDVIP for a long, long time now that I've finally found the perfect doctor. My husband's PCP is retiring in April, and he will be making an appointment to begin with you as well. Even though I hope to see you only once a year for my physicals, I value the peace of mind of knowing that you are there if I ever need to be seen in between. You are truly appreciated!