You’re the Best Dr. Berg!!

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| March, 29 2020 | for Richard A. Berg, MD

I first had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Berg before he became an MDVIP doctor. At that initial visit, I knew what I still know now, Dr. Berg is a great doctor because he is a kind, compassionate, honest, caring human being. There is never a time that Dr. Berg doesn’t follow up immediately to take care of my needs, no matter how trivial they are. He listens & respects what I say and cares about what I am feeling. He doesn’t force his expertise, but shares it and encourages changes that will help me live a healthy lifestyle. I admire Dr. Berg so much for all the knowledge & intelligence he has, yet he is never condescending to me when I need things explained or have questions. His ability to treat me as a patient with such kindness makes him top notch to me.

I feel honored and privileged to have Dr. Berg as my doctor. Although I wish he would practice forever, I am hoping that some day he will be able to relax and enjoy life since he has given so much of his life to others.

Thanks Dr. Berg for all you do, it is VERY appreciated!!