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from Virginia August 4, 2017 for Alyson P. Thal, MD

no story - just think this is a particularly good medical practice

from Craig August 3, 2017 for Wallace E. Holland Jr., MD

Greatest Doctor my family has ever seen

from Fred August 2, 2017 for R. Scott Mills, MD

Having a doctor that takes the time to listen and explain is great for patients. Allowing the patient to be involved allows for better treatment and results.

from Robert August 1, 2017 for Spencer Phillips, MD, FAAFP

I am writing to apprise you of an outstanding and wonderful service that Dr. Phillips provided to my family. My 100 year old mother in law, who lives out of town, was staying with us while recovering from an illness. She had a band aid that remained after an IV that was causing discomfort and skin discoloration on her arm. I was concerned that removing it would cause her skin to be lifted and… See more

from Deborah July 28, 2017 for Richard M. Rayner, MD

I became a patient of Dr. Richard Rayner's several years ago. With having several health issues, I was changing doctors more often than I would have liked, and seen many specialist that only bounced me around from place to place. After learning about Aspire Family Medicine and Dr. Rayner, all that confusion ended immediately! Dr. Rayner took the personal time I needed to address my issues… See more

from Linda July 21, 2017 for Alicia L. Chen, MD

One is fast to contact their physician with a complaint but seldom (if ever) with praise. And I am at the top of that list!
I have been a patient of Dr. Chens for the last 15 years and have made a point of following her practice from one location to the next. When she approached me about joining MDVIP my only hesitation was the cost. However, when I considered the loss of a relationship I… See more

from Barbara July 19, 2017 for Bruce K. Lowell, MD

Dr Lowell has and continues to be the seed My husband Michael was diagnosed with lymphoma Dr Lowell coordinated his care and referred him to the finest doctors: a cardiologist, pulmonologist, dermatologist thoracic surgeon and oncologist and management of my husband's treatment , in addition to being mindful of our emotional state See more

from georgann July 18, 2017 for Nami Khulusi, MD

Even before MDVIP, Dr. Khulusi had given his undivided time and attention to every appointment. He never rushed my husband and me and always made us feel that our health was of paramount importance to him. Because he keeps up with all new medical information, he will change medications if a more effective one becomes available. Recently, when I was being treated for broncitus, he called on the… See more

from John July 18, 2017 for Robert Keith Belote, MD

I come to see Dr. Belote, sometimes just to talk; You see, I have anxiety and sometimes I just need his confirmation on things I should already know. However, at no time does he seem bothered or distant-but rather, engrossed in my issue(s) and encouraging. He has been my doctor for approximately 15 years-that says it all!

from Kaleem July 7, 2017 for Andreas D. Rotsides, MD

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Rotsides for quite some time and did not think twice about remaining with him when he elected to become part of the MDVIP program. We find Dr. Rotsides to be a very caring, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable physician. When you visit him he is truly interested in what you have to say about the condition that brought you to him. He asks questions and… See more

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