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from Marjorie in PA March 30, 2020 for Kenneth A. Morris, DO

Dr Morris has been my doctor for over thirty years. He is caring, knowledgable,easygoing, good listener but firm doctor. I was happy to join Mdvip. Over the years I have developed type 2diabetes and high blood pressure.Both are under control thanks to Dr Morris’s care. My physical last year was the the most complete I have ever had. I am so glad my doctor is more available. I am so proud to let… See more

from Ginna in NV March 30, 2020 for Steven D. Lampinen, MD

Wow, 21 years and he’s still the top and the best, that’s how long he’s been my doctor. He’s helped and treated many members of our family. He diagnosed conditions when other health professionals couldn’t correctly diagnose, or begin to figure out what the problem was. I feel that he genuinely cares about me as a patient and is very thorough with his follow up. Case in point, one time I went to… See more

from SHASHANA in NC March 30, 2020 for Kimberly R. Shelton, MD

My first meeting with Dr. Shelton showed how genuinely helpful and caring she was. I was dealing with the deaths of my mother and sister and had not seen a Doctor in sometime. Dr. Shelton listened to me without interruption and even consoled me as she listened. She helped me to see I needed to heal my body because it had been through great stress, suggested I talk with a grief counselor which I… See more

from Susan and Norm in FL March 30, 2020 for Shari B. Rosenbaum, MD

Dr Rosenbaum is wonderful, caring and compassionate. She listens, offers advice and is always in the medical forefront in her knowledge. We have had some health issues and Dr Rosenbaum investigated every single avenue to make sure that we did not overlook anything. This approach put us at ease because we knew that she was thorough and would not give up until she got to the bottom of what was… See more

from Linda in PA March 30, 2020 for Vicki Bralow, DO
Image provided by: Linda

(A note to Dr. Bralow) May you treasure your magnificence. May you bask in the light and love that you bring to the world each and every day, - not just on National Doctors Day! May you and your loved ones be blessed with health, happiness, prosperity and peace of mind, and may all your dreams be fulfilled! Thank you for being the kind of human being that really and truly gives of yourself to… See more

from Charles in VA March 29, 2020 for Russell H. Myers, MD

Dr. Myers has been my physician for approximately 30 years. He has done a lot for me over these years. Earlier, my Mother passed away from colon cancer in her late forties. Dr. Myers recommended that my brother and I should be tested. I went in for the colonoscopy and they found out I had colon cancer at the age of 31. The cancer was removed and I have not had any more problems. Not too… See more

from Calista in FL March 29, 2020 for Alice J. Reed, MD

We have been together for over 25 yrs! I don't think I could have made it this far without you & your extremely gifted medical knowledge along with your love, kindness,patience & determination to find answers to the medical & personal problems I have endured during these years. I have written this letter many times but there just isn't enough space to say all the feelings of… See more

from Zachary in KS March 29, 2020 for Eric A. Huerter, MD

I have encountered a variety of challenging mental and physical health problems throughout my 43 years of life, and throughout that time I've met and worked with countless physicians of all types. I have my share of "horror stories," or encounters with really awful, uncompassionate and incompetent people in the medical profession. And while I've also had positive experiences… See more

from Linda in PA March 29, 2020 for Vicki Bralow, DO
Image provided by: Linda

The first time I went to see Dr. Bralow I knew that she would be able to make the difference with me that needed to be made. I had anxiety and had already lost 30 lbs. by the time I had my first visit with Dr. Bralow and was only sleeping 3-5 hours on a good night. A lot of nights I was awake around the clock. I had racing thoughts and was extremely tired. I was truly worried, sad and afraid of… See more

from Derrill and Peggy in GA March 29, 2020 for Aaron J. Hupman, MD

Dr. Aaron Hupman is the best! He has been our family physician for 30 years, and in all that time, without exception, we have been impressed with his knowledge, expertise, compassion, and patience. We have never felt rushed or put aside, and we appreciate so very much his genuine interest in our lives and keeping us on the road of good health. We honor him for the person he is and for his… See more

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