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from Alok in NY August 5, 2020 for Scott L. Rex, MD

We met Dr. Scott Rex in 2017 or 18, when my mother became eligible for Medicare & Medicaid. Before that, our family used to see another GP in Port Washington. When we asked him about my mother, he said he did not accept Medicare, and said there was “a new kid down on Port Boulevard” who “probably does…” so off I went (for mom…) Well… mom immediately fell in love with this “new kid”.… See more

from Susan in MI August 4, 2020 for Kathryn Hinderer, DO

I should have never changed doctors. I had been with Dr. Hinderer for at least nine years and was scared off by this new program. Dr. Hinderer recommended a different female doctor but it wasn’t a good fit. I was also not sure my husband would pay for me to be in this program. I’m glad I’m back and looking forward to seeing Dr. Hinderer again. I’m hoping she can help me find an alternative… See more

from Rande in MD August 4, 2020 for Ava A. Kaufman, MD

My mother lived with me for eleven years until she died at age 90. She had several serious medical conditions, diabetes for almost 60 years, a pre-leukemic blood disease that kept her on chemo drugs and resulted in low hemoglobin and high platelets, congestive heart failure, and advanced kidney disease. Dr. Kaufman was literally her quaterback, coordinating all of her care, consulting with all… See more

from Rosemary in UT August 3, 2020 for Kate B. Wilson, MD

Unfortunately I will no longer be one of Dr Kate’s patients because I have moved too far away, but I wanted to post my appreciation for all her good care over the years. I was lucky to already be one of her patients when she went to the MDVIP model, because her roster filled up very fast. I never regretted paying the premium for this privilege. Although in person you would not think I am the… See more

from Gerald in SC July 31, 2020 for Dr. Alyssa M. Degnan

I have been receiving excellent medical care from Dr. Degnan for over 10 years. However, the environment at her previous practice where I received care was anything but excellent. Dr. Degnan was responsible for the care of over 2500 patients. This number is coupled with the typical scheduling software that allocates 8 minutes per visit. Because Dr. Degnan would take the necessary time to… See more

from Mary Lou and Wes in SC July 25, 2020 for William I. Petty II, MD

We are so glad we changed over with him. When he called me back on the weekend from Vail, CO within 20 minutes of my call, we were hooked on MDVIP and his AWESOME service!!!

from Sandi in FL July 22, 2020 for Yvonne D. Duffé, DO

Two years ago my husband was participating in a sailing race with his Sea Scouts. They were sailing in the intracoastal when their boat capsized. He was caught under the sail & was rescued. He was 81 & had been sailing since he was 5 years old & never had this experience. He had invested a lot of water. He called me @ wanted me to contact Dr Duffe. He was concerned about the bacterial… See more

from Jimmy in SC July 14, 2020 for Dr. Alyssa M. Degnan

Dr. Degnan has been my physician since 2008 and has always provided excellent care in a most friendly and efficient manner. Until last year I was in very good health and never needed more than a quick checkup. In June 2019 I had a brain-stem stroke which left me unable to swallow and with severe balance problems in addition to many other symptoms requiring the services of numerous physicians.… See more

from Amber in NV July 14, 2020 for Steven D. Lampinen, MD

Dr. Lampinen has been my doctor for many years, and a friend for many more. He knew early that he wanted to be in medicine and I'm so glad he chose the career that he did. He takes care of my family, and was present the moment my father had a stroke. Dr. Lampinen immediately recognized my father had not just fallen asleep, but had a stroke in the office and had him in an ambulance in no time flat… See more

from Tamara in FL July 10, 2020 for Alicia Chen, MD, FACP

Dr Chen has been my MD since 2003. She has provided exceptional care since that year. Dr Chen is thorough. She goes above and beyond. I don’t know what I will do if she retires because I will never Find such a fine doctor.

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