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from Karin August 4, 2019 for George Chaconas, MD, FNLA

Dr Chaconas changed my life for the better. On first complete physical, he found I had a hereditary cholesterol risk factor, that was quite serious. I'm sure I will live much longer now with his help. I can't put a price on the quality of care I have been given. I would pay 5 times as much for this level of care. When I had a problem he listened to me , and my symptoms, and didn'… See more

from Lana August 1, 2019 for Philip Roth Jr., MD

Dr. Roth has been my doctor for approximately 30 years. He was also both of my parents doctor and is now my sisters doctor and my daughter (and her family) doctor. I knew from the start that he was an excellent match for all of my family. I can go to him with any problems and am assured that I will get the best possible care. I can always call his office and get quick results from any of his… See more

from Joe July 31, 2019 for Claudine M. De Dan, MD

Dr Dedan is the best! She is always available, listens, evaluates and gives you options. I'm very pleased with the way things are going and will continue seeing Dr. Dedan. See more

from Richard July 30, 2019 for Claudine M. De Dan, MD

I have benefited from the MDVIP experience for over 10 years; past two (plus) years with Dr. De Dan's MDVIP practice in Mullica Hill. Her professional attention to details is superb, her office staff is tops and her patient care is a solid A+. I am convinced that my health and wellness is maintained and managed, if not improved, by her skills and responsiveness. See more

from Jane July 30, 2019 for Claudine M. De Dan, MD

Congratulations to Dr. DeDan We voted for her in the Gloucester County survey and are so happy her great skills and caring are being recognized by South Jersey. Thanks again for all you do Jane & Richard

from Jim July 30, 2019 for Sundus A. Lodhi, MD
Image provided by: Jim

I have been with MDVIP since its inception at Piedmont,Atlanta.It is as represented,and I could not be more pleased with the care,response and annual review. The late Dr.Craig Woodward was wonderful and Dr.Lodhi is fabulous.
However this note is to commend and brag on Ms.Gale Hamlett-Frankie.She is the most delightful,competent,efficient,professional nurse I have ever encountered. She is… See more

from Barbara July 23, 2019 for John T. Heidrick, DO, FAAFP

I am beyond grateful for Dr. Heidrick and MDVIP! I just moved my parents (who are 94 years old) from Arizona to Bakersfield, Calif. to be closer to me. The night before we were to move my folks into the senior living apartment, my dad had to go to the hospital. He was in heart failure. We called Dr. Heidrick and he recommended the best emergency room and hospital. They stabilized my dad and… See more

from Steven July 22, 2019 for Joseph DeRosa, MD

I have a very thorough annual exam with Dr. DeRosa including EKG, Ultrasound, etc. The doctor is very good about communicating results in writing and with test results. I have these in my email inbox and they came in handy the other night. I was admitted to the hospital with chest pains and feared a heart issue (turned out to be GI-related). My EKG at the hospital was irregular and they were… See more

from Maureen July 22, 2019 for Joseph DeRosa, MD

In an age when health care is on everyone's mind, my family and I are blessed to have an extraordinary doctor and man take care of us.While preventative medicine is his ultimate goal, he is equally concerned with the chronically ill. Dr. Derosa is brilliant; he diagnoses maladies long before the ologists have weighed in. In addition. his compassion, concern, and attention are unmatched by… See more

from Clem July 20, 2019 for Matthew Kulka, DO

This experience for the last two years has been wonderful. The connection and personal touch of having your doctor there when you need them and advising you on smarter life style choices when you're not even sick, is what wellness care should be. See more

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