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from Michael January 17, 2020 for E. Martin Maida, MD
Image provided by: Michael

My wife and I have known Dr Maida for over 30 years. We consider him more than just a doctor a true friend of the family, hes a wonderful doctor I recommend him to everyone I know. If there were 10 stars here I would give him 10 He is truly one of a kind.

from Karen January 8, 2020 for Diane Fabricius, MD, FAAFP
Image provided by: Karen

Im 62 years old and want, what everyone wants: excellent health! I started MDVIP with Dr. Diane Fabricius, MD in 2018.
Since that time my health has improved. Ive learned more about my body and been traveling. Ive done a 2 week River Cruise in Russia and hiked the jungles in Ecuador. Both trips were wonderful adventures and I was capable of climbing stairs, balancing on narrow logs, and… See more

from RICHARD January 7, 2020 for Jennifer M. Ruh, MD

I was just in your office for the data gathering phase of my annual physical with
Kerrie and Cindy. They were very polite,competent,and helpful, and clearly care about their patients.
I am recommending Dr Ruh to my friends and colleagues who are not pleased with their current doctor. Also thanks for mentoring my grandson Will.

from Susan January 6, 2020 for Scott J. Schaeffer, MD
Image provided by: Susan

I have been a patient of Scott Schaeffer's for 20 years, and his concerned care is a bargain at any price. His medical knowledge is first rate, always up-to-date, and given in a layperson-friendly manner -- but it is his common sense and experience that makes him unique. As a diagnostician, he is exceptional, and his live a good life philosophy makes his advice easy to follow. MDVIP… See more

from M. December 30, 2019 for Robert J. Ginsberg, MD

Dr. Robert Ginsberg has been our familys physician for approximately 18 years, and would still be our physician if we had not moved out of the Maryland area. Dr. Ginsberg is the best physician who has ever cared for us for so many reasons. He is extremely knowledgeable (both in terms of breadth and depth) and keeps up with the latest research and advances in medical care. He is an excellent… See more

from Dave December 12, 2019 for Beth C. Hanlon, MD, FACP

Beth and Tammy
I'll use the same sentence this year as I've used in years past. Everything that's good about my health I attribute to you guys. I know y'all think I'm a little crazy at times but that's a subject for a differant survey. See more

from Gail December 11, 2019 for Michael Yoesel, MD

Somebody has it wrong--Dr Yoesel's office is very welcoming and comfortable!!! See more

from Linda December 11, 2019 for Margaret S. Lunt, MD
Image provided by: Linda

Dr. Lunt has been part of my life for about 20 years. Another specialist referred me to her because I needed a Primary Care Physician. At the first visit l knew I had found the right doctor. She was warm, personable and energetic. She ordered tests and after the results came back she developed a treatment plan for me. Top of the list was to get my diabetes under control. Within the first year my… See more

from Glenda JoAnn. December 3, 2019 for Kevin C Thompson, MD

On Friday, October 15, 2019, I realized that I had a serious UTI confirmed with an AZO test strip. It was 8:18 pm. I called Dr. Thompsons cellphone, told him I needed medication and he ordered the antibiotic and I was taking my first pill at 8:48pm. The reason I had this UTI was because of a scope done locally here in Sarasota by a specialist. His recording advised me to go to an Urgent Care… See more

from sue December 3, 2019 for Jennifer K. Miller, MD

I love Jennifer Miller and the girls in her office. I 100 trust their opinion and judgement on myself.

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