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F. P. Wedel, DO

Curtis Jun 22, 2017

I have had many doctors many specialties, settings, and several U.S. states. I have also worked extensively with doctors through my professional work. Out of at least 100 doctors, Dr. Wedel is easily one of the top 5. He is consistently extremely professional, warm, friendly, intelligent, and experienced. He is never condescending. He is very efficient and will do anything possible to help me navigate issues with other doctors, insurance, etc. Dr. Wedel is decisive and flexible. He is extremely skilled at physical manipulation to help address injuries or physical pain without resorting to unnecessary medication like other doctors. He is positive and listens to patients and takes concerns seriously while giving practical and effective advice. As a GP, he focuses on overall wellness but will not overstep boundaries; if he feels that a patient would be better served by a specialist then he will not only say so but help to find one. He is available at anytime of the week or after hours and encourages patients to reach him if needed instead of having to go to urgent care or the ER unless absolutely necessary. I also want to express my gratitude to the wonderful staff that Dr. Wedel employs. Even as a new patient, the staff is attentive, knowledgeable, helpful, available and so extremely friendly. They go above and beyond to make me feel comfortable no matter how sick I may be. In the 12 months I have been a patient and the many appointments I have had, I cannot think of a single complaint or suggestion to improve. Dr. Wedel has earned my trust and appreciation, and he will remain my GP until he retires or I move to another state. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone in the Tucson area.

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Carol T. Aitcheson, MD

Patricia (Tricia) Jun 20, 2017

My dear friend at the time of a tragic accident, Michelle Weinberg, found Dr Carol Aitcheson for me to have as an internist because she has admitting privileges at Piedmont Hospital where I was transferred from Grady Hospital. My precious internist had been Sharon Tinnanoff for 12 years at Mt Vernon Medical. I take my health seriously and that of my family getting annual wellness visits. I am now moving out of the state of Georgia and will miss Dr Aitcheson's aura and personality. She is full of positive vibrations and I will hopefully see the progression of her 2 daughters careers into the medical world as well as follow the health and well being of Dr Aitcheson herself. She is an amazing woman, physician and mother.

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Wyman P. Sloan III, MD, FACP

Ketti Jun 19, 2017

Dr Sloan has been my Doctor for a few years, he has help me as well as my husband. He got Lonnie through a battle of lukemenia.And has help me to healthy life style.

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Lawrence V. Deck III, MD

Sharon, OK Jun 18, 2017

Dr Deck has made difference in my life. I live alone and I know he will be there for me.

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Dr. Ron Phillips

Dawn Jun 17, 2017

Dr. Phillips and his staff are wonderful. He walked with me through some health issues. Referring me quickly when a specialist was needed. He took the time to explain test results and answered all my questions. I love the health care tips I get at my appointments. I was losing faith in our health care system, then here comes Dr. Phillips. He is now the primary care doctor for several of my family members. His manner is testiment that he truly cares about his patients! I could go on and on but I'm out of space. Thank you Dr. Phillips, staff and MDVIP!

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M. Susan Jones, MD

Amy Jun 15, 2017

I have known Dr. Jones for years. I signed up for MDViP when I felt my current internist no longer had much time to see me. I felt rushed and was developing white jacket syndrome my BP was terrribly high in there. I decided then to sign up for MDVIP. I noticed a major difference immediately. The office is not rushed. They take the time to hear me out. Get the full picture...I am much more relaxed and I feel better leaving. It feels like they really care about me. The doctor can hear more than just one problem. She sees me as an entire patient. I don't feel like a number or a burden anymore for a doctors busy schedule. I should have done this 3 years ago. I highly recommend this program.

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Steven P. Winkler, MD, FACP

Diana, NV Jun 15, 2017

Dr. Winkler detected a problem with my lungs during a yearly physical exam - I feel with his very detailed exam he discovered a lung issue that was in an early stage. After leaving Las Vegas and returning to our summer home my other doctor had trouble hearing what he heard in my lungs (we live in two locations)- Thank goodness Dr. Winkler had performed my physical! Dr. Winkler was quick to get x-ray and then cat scan ordered. He is the best doctor!

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Karl K. Johsens, MD

Joel, CA Jun 15, 2017

Dr. Johsens was my primary doctor before he made the switch to MDVIP. I made the decision to leave him on the basis of cost only. Dr. Johsens was the best primary doctor I ever had. After a year I realized that I made a big mistake and joined MDVIP. It was a wise decision. Dr. Johsens still is the best doctor I have ever had.

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Siena Shields Alford, DO

Vicki, SC Jun 15, 2017

I get the best care from Dr Alford. Her and the staff there are so caring and understanding. I'm honored to call her my Doctor!

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Louis C. Marino, MD

Geraldine Jun 14, 2017

Dr. Marino, I want to thank you and your entire office for providing such care to me and my family. You and your team show such compassion and dedication to your patients in such a way that could of never been done prior to you joining MDVIP. I know how hard you work and that you just want to take care of everyone.. MDVIP now allows you to that plus so much more. My sons feel so comfortable with you, and they call your office directly for advise ..this means so much to Me and Jon. Your availability and accessibility 24 hours a day is incredible and comforting to me and my family. Your follow up calls are always prompt and you take the time to talk through any health concern that comes up. It is an honor and privilege to have you as our family physician. Thank you!

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Pamela Hall, MD, FAAFP

Wayne, GA Jun 14, 2017

My wife and I moved to Buckhead, Georgia in September of 2016. There is another Buckhead in Atlanta, but this Buckhead has a population of 189 people. The closest larger town is Madison and that is where Dr. Pam Hall practices. Prior to moving we lived in Atlanta. I sell software to physicians so over the years, I developed friendships with many providers and got their input on who would be the best primary physician for me. I am very choosy about my physician as my health is important to me. When we moved here I read on-line reviews about Pam Hall, MD and they were all good. I met her for a meet and greet and was very impressed with the way she listens and felt she would be a good fit for me. I then had my assessment and initial wellness exam and I was so impressed that I referred my wife and she joined Dr. Halls practice as well. We cant believe how focused she is on our wellness, we love the accessibility that we have, and I trust her medical judgement without exception. Dr. Hall is such a pleasant person and you can tell she has a true passion for taking care of her patients. She makes healthcare fun! We look forward to being her patients for many years to come and feel we have the very best medical care available!

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Molloy G. Veal III, MD

Rachel Jun 9, 2017

I was a patient of Dr. Veal's before he was a MDVIP physician. BUT the past 7-8 years that he has been a part of MDVIP has been the best medical experience of my life. Dr. Veal, Janelle and Maria all 3 going above and beyond what they have to do as their job. Recently my father, who is also a patient of Dr. Veal's was in a motorcycle accident and sent to a hospital that Dr. Veal could not provide care for my father. That did not matter they did everything they could to assist and make sure my father got the best care. They sent all medical records to the hospital, spoke with nurses and even came to check on him and our family. Unfortunately, my father passed away but because of the great care he received from Dr. Veal over many many years my father had a great life! Thank you Dr. Veal, Janelle, and Maria for everything you do for all your patients. Love you guys!

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