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Timothy H. Real, MD

Bradley, AL Mar 19, 2015

DoctorTim put up with me and my hard head . And never gives up . I will probably live longer because of Tim Real MD He the best

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Steven P. Winkler, MD, FACP

Alice Mar 16, 2015

Dr. Steven Winkler is a very compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable physician. I have been fortunate to be a patient of his for almost 20 years. When Dr. Winkler announced he had chosen to become part of the MDVIP network of physicians, my son insisted I continue with Dr. Winkler as opposed to being bounced around from internist to internist. With my son's generosity, my son and I both remain with Dr. Winkler. Dr. Winkler has saved both my son's and my life during numerous life-threatening events in our lives. Dr. Winkler's attention to detail and taking the time to listen to our utmost concerns allows me and my son to have Dr. Winkler's undivided attention. While I am much older than Dr. Winkler, he's like a big brother looking over me; he always has my back! Dr. Winkler's staff keeps things hopping and are an asset to his practice. Thank you Giselle, Tricia, Danielle, and Bridgette. My gratitude and love remain with Dr. Winkler for his constant watch over me! I am truly a blessed patient!

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Alicia L. Chen, MD

Joe, FL Mar 12, 2015

Dr. Chen is the best. She understands the patient needs and offers great advice to support their health. When I moved to Hawaii, she arranged visits when I was able to travel back to Pensacola. I now live in Georgia and she continues to be my doctor.

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Michael Chai, MD

Florence, CA Mar 9, 2015

It has been just one year since we have joined the MD/VIP with Dr. Michael Chai. It was the best decision we have made. Being seniors we feel we have the best possible care with Dr Chai.Whenever we needed him he was right there to take care of us. Nurse Mandy and Dr. Chai are the most loving and caring people we know. They make our senior years so much better.

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Sandra D.M. Bruno, MD

Troye, LA Mar 5, 2015

I have much to my story that I think others can learn from. First I want to say that I have pre existing conditions that can make most doctors shy away from. That is not the case with Dr. Bruno. Not only did she not shy away from me but constantly has reached out to help me get the best of a quality of life that I can-- knowing how close I am with my family. However this past weekend trumped everything and this story definity needed to be told. I went through a bout of nausea and diarrhea that I could not contain. I called Dr. Bruno and she could hear my extreme pain. Within minutes I as well as my husband-- could feel that she would be there and walk me through this. After first trying one pill she then told me she was on her way- ofcourse feeling as bad as I was feeling I knew a hospital would be her next reply and ofcourse with my illnesses already I knew this would be getting worse. Not so - Dr. Bruno was at my door with the proper meds and stayed connected with me to see that it indeed worked and I had settled leaving with my husband scripts to be filled. To have that level of confidence gave me the confidence that indeed she would be there for me and all I would have to go through we would walk that road together. You would have to know how that felt with - for someone with with preexisting conditions - and then to have this fall in my lap. I could not have found the relief and confidence as I did and ofcourse look over at my husband who is always with me - the man I call my Gladiator to see his relief is total and complete Proof of a Doctor that Met and Super Exceeded all of my Needs. Who could have asked for more. I applaud Dr. Bruno and felt that she as well as anyone who would listen need to hear that I will forever be in awe of her. She always seems to constantly amaze me. I know that if I have a problem - the life I lead- she is there to help me lead it to it fullest. How can I loose with that. Thank you Dr. Bruno. Not just for helping me live this life but also to get the very best out of some of the daily problems to some that are great obstacles to me. May you truly be blessed with the gifts you have given me.

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Russell H. Myers, MD

John, VA Mar 4, 2015

Dr. Myers has been our physician for over 25 years. I would recommend him to anyone who wants an intelligent, honest and caring doctor. Dr. Myers is always upbeat and understanding to any illness or injury. His recommendations for specialist are always the best. WE moved almost 30 miles away from his office and we continue to see him because he is the best doctor. I will regret the day when he retires from practice.

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Robert Ammlung, MD

William, MD Feb 28, 2015

My physician, Dr. Robert Ammlung is absolutely the very best doctor and no one could possibly provide as good as or better care to me than he and his staff. Dr. Ammlung and his staff are without question the very best care providers; and he and his staff are ALWAYS SO PROFESSIONAL AND COURTEOUS. I am so pleased, LET ME SAY HAPPY, and satisfied with their professional manner, their personal care, and the COURTEOUS ATTENTION I receive from them. I am certain there are many very good doctors; but I cannot imagine anyone as attentive and professional as Dr. Ammlung, and his staff. They are EXCELLENT in every manner of speaking.

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David DeAtkine Jr, MD, FACE

Annie L., AL Feb 26, 2015

My husband and I, along with many others in my family are patients of Dr. Deatkine. He has always been very punctual, concerned and attentive to our needs. Donald, my husband, has had some serious health problems and Dr. Deatkine has quickly had the diagnostic procedures done, thus saving his life on a number of occasions. He has a great bedside manner and listens to us which is very important in the doctor/patient relationship.

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Wayne H. Weinreb, MD

Antonina, MA Feb 26, 2015

Even before Dr. Weinreb joined MDVIP I have always had a great respect for the manner in which he practices medicine. He has a wonderful bedside manner, truly cares for his patients and is interested in keeping them healthy. He goes out of his way to make sure that you understand the road to good health. I have learned that Prevention is the key to staying healthy and enjoying life. I appreciate all the encouragement he has provided me for good physical and mental health. I hope to enjoy his services in years to come.

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Lawrence P. Gassner, MD

Jack, AZ Feb 25, 2015

I am very satisfied with the care I receive from Dr. Gassner and his staff.

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Harry W. Kaplan, MD

Samuel/Brrenda, MD Feb 25, 2015

Dr. Kaplan is an excellent doctor with excellent bed side manners. He has been our family doctor for more than 15 years. We love Dr. Kaplan as our family doctor.

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Stephen G. Smaldore, DO

Stephen, MD Feb 25, 2015

Every time I have have contacted Dr Smaldore either for a diagnosis or a scheduled visit he has provided me with a better understanding of my situation, and how to measure progress.

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