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Gene M. Zito, MD

Mark, NY Jun 21, 2015

Dr. Zito is one of those rare doctors that actually takes the time to LISTEN to his patients. He gets to the root of what works and what doesn't work for each patient. However, as a patient, please be educated, self-aware, and informed about your health care needs. You are ultimately responsible for your own well-being. Both physically and emotionally. Dr. Zito listens and I consider him to be an Evolved physician. Being very new to the Rochester area, and having played some very aggressive contact sports for over 25 years, Dr. Zito has made it a point to become educated on ex-athletes......and I could not thank him enough for that. My first 2 PCPs had no clue and did not care to become educated. I was educating them and they were MD's. Thank you Dr. Zito!!!!!!

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Joseph E. Trojak, MD

Christine, PA Jun 19, 2015

I have been fortunate enough to have known Dr. Joseph Trojak for close to 20 years. Luck doesn't even come close to the word when describing finding him and having him as my primary care physician. My medical history is a complicated one, and my issues began at a fairly young age. It was Dr. Trojak who initially spoke with me about what I was facing, and quite honestly it was a day that I'll never forget. His kindness while delivering results of a test (that thankfully he had thought to prescribe) was gentle and intelligent, with plenty of room for all of my questions. Regardless of how many phone calls come through or other pressing matters that occur in any doctor's office, Dr. Trojak treats his patients like they are his one and only. That is unusual in this day and age of medicine. He has followed my medical situation from its onset, and that has always been a source of comfort. I have seen many specialists since my initial diagnosis, and Dr. Trojak has always been the only doctor to deliver the truth. There is no way to measure what that means to a patient. Since joining MDVIP the level of care has increased to a point that I did not think was possible. A slight mention of a sore throat, etc. to his wife Loretta (who I could not possibly do without...she is as special as Dr. Trojak) and my phone rings with the doctor on the other end. Now I ask you, where or who delivers THAT kind of care? There is no exaggeration on my part when describing the expediency that Dr. Trojak and his staff deliver. He has raised the level of patient care to a point in which no other doctor can possibly match. I feel extremely fortunate to have my family as his patients as well. Their medical care means more to me than my own, and knowing that Dr. Trojak, Loretta and their nurse Terry are there to care for them is beyond comforting. I truly wish that all of my doctors had the knowledge, the care, and the concern that he has for me and my family. I have come to the conclusion that there honestly is no one like him, and I say that with truth and a thankfulness that I could never repay. As long as we are patients of Dr. Trojak, we are and will always be in the very best of hands.

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Manny P. Silis, MD

John, VA Jun 16, 2015

My wife came within hours of entering a diabetic coma and questionable ability to recover. Dr. Manny Silis attended to her during an almost 3 week recovery. I communicated with him several times a day during this time, and after. Last Friday he came to our home and spent over an hour examining and advising her. He also was concerned about my personal wellbeing, as I am unaccustomed to the role of caregiver. His professional demeanor and medical skills are responsible for the recovery of a very sick person.

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Joseph E. Trojak, MD

Anna, PA Jun 15, 2015

Dr. Trojak is an amazing doctor. I never feel rushed during my office visits and Dr. Trojak is very thorough. I would recommend Dr. Trojak highly.

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Robert A. Wacks, MD

Roslyn, FL Jun 15, 2015

Robert Wacks is my Doctor over 20 years. He is an wonderful human being and has given me, not only undivided care phisically also psychologically. He is a very positive person, which makes it very important in anyone's personality, and moreso in a medical care givers character.

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Thomas G. Serio, MD

Joan, FL Jun 8, 2015

As I have recently retired, I've been pleased to be participating in a wellness program with Dr. Serio. I've lost 40 pounds in two years and have an exercise routine established. In addition, I dance twice weekly and walk at every opportunity. I have changed my eating, eliminating saturated fats and fats habitually. My snacks are fruits or vegetables instead of my former choices. I am a healthier person than I was when working. I am committed to staying healthier.

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Peter B. Schock, MD, ABFP

Danielle, WA Jun 3, 2015

Frustrated from the lack of availability of appointments and medical professionals who had the actual time to accurately treat and care for me, I turned to MDVIP after hearing others talk about Conceirge medicine, which is much more expensive and is not part of a larger network, nor does it vet it's doctors. MDVIP represents only the best and highly scrutinized caregivers with an excellent track record in the communities they represent. I have not been disappointed and feel like I now have the right person overseeing my long term health, and not just treating illnesses that occur along the way.

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Charles P. Shenker, MD

Myron, FL Jun 3, 2015

I was taking a tour in Canada with a companion, and the weather was really erratic, with changes of 8 - 10 degrees in the different cities we went to. My companion got a virus and couldn't speak or do anything, as she was really suffering. When I arrived home I called the doctor, and he said he would see her that afternoon. He checked her, and gave her medication. The next day she was feeling much better, and the day after that she was about normal. I am really glad to have Dr. Shenker as my physician and that I am a member of MDVIP.

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Alicia L. Chen, MD

Betsy, FL Jun 3, 2015

I have been seeing Dr. Chen since before she became an MDVIP physician. The care I received from her prior to her switch was the main reason in my decision to continue with her. Dr. Chen has always taken an interest in me as a person. I never felt rushed with her, and felt comfortable in discussing anything I needed addressed. She has worked with me on many health issues from fibromyalgia, breast cancer, and arthritis. She had always exhibit a caring, professional attitude. Now as an MDVIP physician, I continue to receive excellent care from her. Bottom line, Dr. Chen is a physician for all the right reasons!!!

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Sarah E. Stapleton, MD

Kate, SC Jun 2, 2015

Having just moved to Mount Pleasant, SC., I wanted to find a good doctor. I read many excellent reviews of Dr Stapleton so I made the appointment for the meet and greet. Dr Stapleton was very kind and compassionate. After having her as our PCP, my husband and I were more than satisfied with her care of us. She really cares about her patients! She is very knowledgeable and attentive. She always responds in a timely manner to emails and calls. We hate to leave Dr Stapleton but are relocating to Maryland for my husbands work.

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Marjorie Uhalde, PhD, MD

Tim, NV May 31, 2015

I have been a patient of Marjorie's since she started her practice. She has always treated me well and kept me healthy.

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John G. Brown, DO

james, FL May 28, 2015

Perfect timing is the best way I can describe Dr. John Brown's management of my medical care. I joined Dr. Brown's MDVIP practice 18 months ago while suffering from a serious side effect of hernia surgery, bronchitis, and severe cervical disk disease that was worsening to the point that surgery looked like the only option. At the same time I had begun loosing weight at an alarming rate, and suffering other symptoms that required extensive blood work and visits to specialists who spent the next year arriving at a complicated diagnosis. Dr. Brown not only began a treatment regimen that has allowed me to continue to work and fully participate in life, but also was, and is now there to coordinate and shepherd me through all of the other medical procedures and treatment by other physicians. He has a vast fund of medical knowledge and the time he was able to take with me has been invaluable. I continue to recommend Dr. Brown, his staff, and MDVIP every chance I get.

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