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Stephen Mikos, MD

Sandhi Oct 27, 2014

As a single parent.....I thought the best investment I could make was my health. Dr. Mikos is a tremendous Doctor. The office staff is excellent. Highly recommend Dr. Mikos and MDVIP.

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Brian P. Levy, MD

Charlotte, OK Oct 23, 2014

I feel so much better and secure about my health care. I have the freedom to reach Dr. Levy or his office any time I have a health concern. He is always helpful, caring and concerned. He explains my medical problems, medicines, etc. to keep me informed and more healthy. Dr. Levy is also has a strong Christian faith and this is very important to me.

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Martha L. Hardee, MD

Cynthia, TX Oct 21, 2014

As a former nurse, I met Dr. Hardee when she was a resident. She was exceptional then, and her skill has only improved since then. Her excellent care is provided to her patients in a caring and thoughtful manner. She takes the time to know her patients and developes care plans to meet their individual needs. I have been a patient of hers since she opened her practice and wouldn't think of changing.

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Michael L. Hubner, MD

John, OK Oct 19, 2014

Dr. Hubner is very through, competent, and easy to discuss my needs as a patient. He has coordinated with other doctors and medical staff on several of my medical needs.

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Karen L. Hoermann, MD

Peggy, TX Oct 19, 2014

I was not in good health on my first visit with Dr. Hoermann five years ago. Thanks to Dr. Hoermann, I am now in excellent health. Congratulations, Dr. Hoermann, you deserve this honor!

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Lila T. McConnell, MD

Rebecca, MD Oct 19, 2014

I have known Dr. McConnell for over 15 years. As well as being an exceptional Doctor, she has always been able to see me in an emergency when I needed to be seen. She is very compassionate and genuinely cares about her patient. The only Dr. I know who gives you a hug after a visit. That really makes me feel good. Today, Oct. 19th. She has invited any of her patients & guests to do a Walk With The Doc from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. She will be discussing, Eating better, exercising more, taking time for you. I am really looking forward to this. I commend her for doing this. I understand why she was named one of the Best Doctors in America!

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Lila T. McConnell, MD

Zoe, MD Oct 18, 2014

I would like to sincerely congratulate Dr. Lila McConnell on being named one of the Best Doctors in America for 2014. Having been a patient of Dr. McConnell for over 15 years, I can testify to her outstanding medical care and expertise, and I have complete confidence in her judgment. She is an extremely approachable, warm-hearted person who clearly and compassionately explains my medical conditions to me, and displays great respect for me and my family. Her professional demeanor, clinical skills, and devotion to her patients make her a truly outstanding physician. I feel blessed that she is my personal physician! Congrats again,

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Perry T. Wolfe, MD

Jeffrey, NM Oct 17, 2014

I have been going to Dr. Wolfe since 2004 after I went to him because I was not feeling well. We found that I had come down with diabetes after my first visit. He has been helping me ever since. I really like Dr Wolfe, he is a good doctor.

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Cyril Wolf, MD

Mike, TX Oct 16, 2014

Dr. Wolf's thorough search for the answer to my lack of libido - lead to the discovering of my prostate cancer. Even though my PSA counts were good, Dr. Wolf in his search for continuing education had recently attended a seminar that proved PSA count was not the only indicator of prostate cancer and that lack of testosterone could also be an indicator. My freedom from this cancer and hopefully extended life period I owe to Dr. Wolfs dedicated service. Thank you.

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Michael Kleinman, DO

Bernard, NJ Oct 16, 2014

Dr.kleinman gives his patients the time they need. No rushing and a thorough exam. My testosterone was increased by a kiss from the chief.

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Dragan Djordjevic, MD

Laurens, MT Oct 16, 2014

Many years of a great relationship and having the best of care through those years. Dragan has guided me through many issues and has always followed my recoveries with sincere attention.

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Louis R. Minsky, MD

Danny, LA Oct 15, 2014

Our long-time experience with Dr. Minsky and his staff has been wonderful. The care given by them is incredible. Dr. Minsky has seen several of our family members through many medical trials, including cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal maladies, high cholesterol, hypertension, and depression, as well as many other medical challenges. Dr. Minsky has become a great friend, really, a member of the family. His remarkable relationship with the best medical specialists, and his desire to help patients chose the right ones for their particular situations, has been a great help to so many people. But all of that having been said, Dr. Minsky's focus on wellness is valuable, preventing patients from becoming ill in the first place. We cannot imagine how a doctor-patient relationship could be any better!

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