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Richard A. Berg, MD

Nadine May 18, 2015

Dr. Berg saved my life. I was sick for 6 weeks running temp 100 every bone in my body felt like someone beat me up. In bed curled up couldn't get out of bed. My old dr. Sent me for sinus test ,gave me tama flu. After the six weeks I had to ask her to do blood work. My husband had his yearly physical with Dr. Berg who had taken care of my dad. Dr. Berg asked how I was told him I was having ice pick headaches,could not chew even something soft. Dr. Berg said she has GCA which is a auto-immune form of vasculitis. Dr. Berg told my husband I needed to be on 80 mill of prednisone immediately or I could lose my eyesight . I immediately had a biopsy of my arteries in my temples,which proved I had GCA. DR. BERG has been my doctor now for over five years. Don't know what I would do without him. Ever time I get overwhelmed I just call and he sees me right away. He is the kindest most caring doctor I have ever met.

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Lillian E. Cohn, MD, FACP

Dennis May 18, 2015

I'm a 60 something male who, throughout my life, have enjoyed near perfect health. My annual visits with Lillian took on an almost social air with nothing very serious to discuss or confront. That changed earlier this year. I hadn't been feeling up to snuff and made an appointment to see Lillian. I soon learned how fortunate I was to be under her care. After a battery of diagnostic procedures it was determined I required bladder surgery. Not only was I enormously impressed with Lillian's laser like focus on determining what was ailing me but, as importantly, her support staffs assistance in making appointments with other physicians, scheduling scans and ultimately (successful) surgery. I always knew I was in an excellent practice. Going through a serious illness amplified my knowledge many fold. Thank you Lillian!

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Richard B. Raborn, MD

Nie, FL May 18, 2015

I love MDVIP

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William J. Grimm, DO

randy, CA May 13, 2015

I couldn't be more satisfied with my doctor, and being with MDVIP has been a very satisfying experience. As far as I can tell, this organization has lived up to its claims. Now the bad news. I am so disappointed with the cost, and can't continue my relation with my doctor as to this rise in membership. Unfortunately, I am in my senior years, and like others in my age group, am on a fixed income and was at the limit I could afford when I joined. Now I'm having to search out another doctor and start all over this new relationship with my medical history. Am I sorry to have joined in the first place? Not really. But I have lost the confidence I had with my doctor through the past years.

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Gary H. Miller, MD, FCCP

Lee, MD May 11, 2015

I've been seeing Dr. Miller for about 15 years. He takes the time to explain what is going on and is a true professional.

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W. Robert Umstattd, DO

Robert, TX Apr 29, 2015

Dr. Umstaddt is the kind of doc I have been looking for (for a long time!) - accessible, knowledgeable, respected, and nearby. I have been extremely pleased with his approach to health through wellness, and his use of a holistic approach to issues. With his guidance and encouragement, I lost 1.1 lbs per week for 6 months to reach my target weight, which I have retained!

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Gary Cooperstein, DO

Barbara, PA Apr 24, 2015

As a charter member of Dr. Cooperstein's practice, I have found that he is extremely knowledgeable, understanding and totally caring about his patients. The practice is very personable and 'family-like' and devotion of the staff to patients is unlike any other I've known. Thank you for an amazing care and dedication to everyone in our family!

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William C. House, MD

Stephen, FL Apr 23, 2015

I am pleased to have this opportunity be thankful that a program like MDVIP is around. The office staff are always friendly, helpful and not rushed at all. His nurse assistant takes as much time to let me, the patient, talk and she is able to help focus on certain issues. Then there is Dr. House. He examines as necessary then sits down at eye level to calmly ask you questions and then calmly discuss options to help with your issue. He really engages you and explains the differences of any kind of treatment and various medications that we might try. He also encourages his patients, at least me, to make sensible changes to my lifestyle to compliment the care and treatment he is providing. I cannot tell you how comforting it is to be a patient in this practice.

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Allen Markowicz, MD MBA FACP

marion, OH Apr 23, 2015

I recently went to Atlanta for a family visit. Dr. Markowicz gave me the name of a doctor in that area (just in case). I did have to call him once I had arrived. He responded quickly, helped me with a medical problem, and I was able to enjoy my visit the entire time. I have also in the past phoned my physician , Dr. Markowicz ,after office hours and was taken care of immediately. I would recommend him and the MDVIP health service. It is wonderful.

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Razmig Krumian, DO

Bob Apr 23, 2015

Dear Dr. Krumian, My experience with Dr Rounds was excellent. I assume he will provide you with a summary of his findings, but it sounded to me to be much of a replay of your comments earlier in January. At his suggestion, I have taken Imodium AD plus volumes of Gatorade to replace Electrolytes and am continuing the Mucinex. I had a good night sleep and feel much better this AM. The most wonderful part of this is how well the MDVIP network worked. Pat was with me in the visit with Dr Rounds and we both commented about how seamless the treatment seemed to be between the two of you. We made the connection with just one call to you and we're able to get to seem him almost right away. It made the two of us feel very much more validated for having made the decision to join you in this endeavor. I will assume my recovery will be smooth and complete over the next few days, but, if there are any hiccups, I will be back you. All the best, Bob

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Jacqueline N. Romero, DO

Anne, FL Apr 23, 2015

For more than a decade I tried to find a doctor who could correctly diagnose my breathing problem. Despite lots of medical appointments, tests and treatments the problem persisted. I had almost given up hope until I met Dr. Romero, who within a short period of time had accurately diagnosed my condition. Without question, she is the reason I have a new lease on life!

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Charles E. Metzger Jr., MD

Mary, FL Apr 22, 2015

Dr. Metzger, Jr. has been my physician for some 5+ years. Before that I was blessed to have had Dr. Metzger Sr., ever since I moved to Florida in 1970. He had been recommended by my MD employer, (Harvard Graduate), therefore I valued the referral. In any case, my entire family (there are 10 of us) who lives in the area were patients of Dr. Metzger Sr., and since he retired we are equally blessed to now go to Dr. Metzger JR. He is most compassionate and understanding. I've reason to experience that, since my son, who was also his patient, was in exceptional need due to severe diabetes -- resulting in partial amputation of his foot. I need to say, to be honest and fair, that my son was in that condition all due to the fact that he stopped going to Dr. M., and consequently did not follow at all his advice, which caused the serious issues. I must add, that he did help me weather the storms my son's stubburness has caused himself. Lately he suffered a stroke... All of my son's problems would have been avoided had he followed Dr. Metzger's most capable advice. Therefore, what more can I say... Those of us being his patients, are most happy and can't say enough about his caring ways. He even responded to an e-mail from me on a Sunday. Don't know too many people, and especially doctors, who would do that. I guess I tell you that my dear mother, who passed on in 1983, and was Dr. Metzger Sr's patient actually had a HOME CALL FROM DR. METZGER. One has to say that he is chip off the old block--or the pear does not fall far from the tree--if you pardon me quotiong old proverbs -- they still speak volumes:)

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