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Louis B. Malinow, MD

Marsha Sep 22, 2014

In a word, SECURE, explains how I feel about Lou. We moved to Frederick, MD which is about 45 minutes away in 2011 and my biggest fear was losing him as our internist/family physician. However, we kept him and it is worth making the drive. Every time we go to the office whether it is for an actual appointment or requesting or questioning anything medically, it confirms our decision to stay with Lou. We feel that he and his staff care and that we ARE put first.

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Steven P. Winkler, MD, FACP

dennis, NV Sep 8, 2014

he is like a wise friend..

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Gregg Wolff, MD

John, CA Sep 8, 2014

Doc Wollf has been a mainstay for me last 13 mos. Wife died, rather unexpectedly 13 mos ago. six weeks later< ilerned I had colon cancer Im through the tunnel, and almost in the sunlight. He has been a source of support this entire time

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Jack E. Yakish, MD

Sheila, PA Sep 3, 2014

I knew Dr. Yakish because I taught pediatric nursing for twenty years at St. Vincent Hospital and knew his strengths as a physician. I have a complicated medical history but he agreed to take me on. Recently I have been dealing with an allergic reaction which took months to get to the source. Afterward because my eosinophil count continued to increase I had chest CT. The contrast resulted in renal failure. Although I was still urinating, I honestly don't think this would not have been caught without the secure message system or if I had a doctor juggling 3,000 patients. I would have been white noise instead I had on the ball care and support.

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Spencer Phillips, MD, FAAFP

Scott, PA Aug 31, 2014

I cannot say enough about our MDVIP Doctor, Dr. Spencer Phillips. His bedside manner, and passion for high level engagement in our care is quite amazing. We have been in the MDVIP Program for six months, and our cost has been more than covered twice with the service that Dr. Phillips has provided. We avoided 3 ER visits on Weekends, as there was never an option before. Those three ER visits would have cost me, someone with very good health insurance, about $2,500. Dr. Phillips just left our home, on a Sunday, over a holiday and I felt compelled to let others know how very special this man is, and that the MDVIP program has had a significant impact on our thoughts of what healthcare should look like going forward. Thank you MDVIP and thank you Dr. Phillips. The Kuhn Family

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Gary H. Miller, MD, FCCP

Robert, VA Aug 21, 2014

Around 25-30 years ago I went to Dr. Miller for my aviation medical exam. I had no personal physician. My mind said now is the time so I asked Dr. Miller if he'd accept me. He did, and I have been very pleased since. When I received an invitation to a presentation during which he would explain MDVIP, I instead immediately enrolled in that program so I would, hopefully, be one of his 100 patients. I now am, and at age 90 feel very secure in his care.

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Harry W. Kaplan, MD

Betty, MD Aug 20, 2014

I am SO happy and lucky to have Harry Kaplan as my doctor. He is always there, always takes phone calls, listens to every complaint and is very much like a friend. I confide in him and trust him completely. You never have to wait more than 5 minutes for an appointment and if something is bothering you, he will make sure he sees you or has an answer. I was in the hospital a few months ago, he was there a little after I arrived,(7:30 PM) and stayed until everything was taken care of. He was there every single day and went over everythng with me. I have complete confidence in his decisions and feel so very lucky that I have him as my physician and also that he is a member of MDVIP, as they too have been very helpful to me.

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John H. Mitchell, MD

SUE, CA Aug 19, 2014

Dr.Mitchell is a very caring and listening doctor- he takes the time to explain what happens in our bodies and never makes you feel rushed. He listens to your symptoms and is truly concerned about you and the best way to healthy and happy.He is a real doctor in every sense of the word.

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Ellen Koerber, MD

Nick, TX Aug 18, 2014

My wife had heart valve replacement and while in the hospital, Dr. Koerber visited her twice and then when we got home, called to see how she was doing. This is strictly above and beyond what is required. We appreciate Dr. Koerber's interest.

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Robert L. Schubert, MD

Teresa, VA Aug 16, 2014

As a pharmaceutical sales representative, I first met Dr. Schubert in a professional setting. He was a speaker for one of the products I sold with my second company. For me, he was not only a speaker, but a teacher and a mentor. Out of at least 400 health care providers I had called on in my 9 years of pharmaceutical experience, he impressed me so much with his knowledge and thoughtful approach to healthcare, that I urged my husband to begin seeing him as a patient. My husband has many health issues, including cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and hyperlipidemia, to mention a few. The complex patient is very intriguing to Dr. Schubert, so he dove right in. When Dr.Schubert switched his practice to MDVIP, we didn't hesitate to both sign up. We love the novel approach to patient treatment - the ability to call, text, and email when we have urgent needs, the preventive approach, and the unhurried time he spends with us both. As a matter of fact, two weekends in a row we had to call on Dr. Schubert for help. The first weekend,my husband was hospitalized while Dr. Schubert was on vacation in another state. I texted him and he actually gave me the personal home number of the family member he was staying with because his cell phone service was unreliable. Not only that, he stopped in at the hospital on his way home to check on him, even though he didn't have privileges at this hospital. The following weekend, I was out of town for some training and my husband was admitted to the hospital with chest pain. I was able to be in constant contact with Dr. Schubert to relay what was going on with my husband. All went well, thank goodness, and at his follow-up appointment, Dr. Schubert discussed weight loss and diet with him. Now a month later, my husband has lost almost 20 pounds, stopped one of his diabetic meds, and halved the dose of another! I was in the airport on my way home from another business trip a couple of days ago when my husband went for this particular appointment and Dr. Schubert called me while I was waiting to board my plane to tell me how excited he was at the progress my husband had made. Honestly, I just don't know any other doctors (and I know a lot) who have this personal touch. And he really cares what happens to us. Now it's my turn to be an intriguing case for Dr. Schubert, but I'm looking forward to the journey because I know I won't be left in the dark. He is truly our partner in wellness and we are so very thankful to have him as a part of our lives! And we love his wife and kids and office staff, too!

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Robert L. Schubert, MD

Connie, TN Aug 15, 2014

I had the opportunity to meet the Schubert family through a friend. In casual conversation regarding employment, I was really impressed with Dr. Schubert's genuine enthusiasm for his work and his involvement with MDVIP. It seemed to offer him the ability to be a doctor the way he wanted to be; with much more patient involvement then his old practice allowed. I chose to become a patient and very shortly afterward had one of 'those infamous freckles' which did prove to be cancerous. Dr. Schubert's aggressiveness throughout the process along with his excellent communication skills were fantastic. He is very well read with a current knowledge base. I find him well connected and he makes things happen. I can always get an appointment as my situation moves forward. My decision to become one of Doc's patients has been invaluable. I still hope to walk the Appalachian Trail one day...

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Robert L. Schubert, MD

Tom, TN Aug 14, 2014

I am a 73 yo male and I have always had a great aversion to doctors. I was referred to Dr. Schubert by another doctor that my wife was seeing. I went to Dr. Schubert with a shortness of breath problem, that other doctors had diagnosed as asthma. Dr. Schubert immediately sent me to the hospital, and it turned out to be coronary heart disease. As a result I had triple by-pass surgery. After three months, I had to have the surgery repeated. Dr. Schubert was a guiding force through this ordeal. I attribute him to saving my life twice, if not more. I thank God for leading me to Robert L. Schubert, M.D. and every day I exist now is a gift from Dr. Schubert and God.

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