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Marjorie Uhalde, PhD, MD

Jesse, NV Jan 13, 2017

As a new patient of Dr. Uhalde, I had visited her to deal with some potentially life threatening issues. She was courteous, professional, and possessed an exceptionally upbeat bedside manner. It's said laughter is its own medicine, and she is, without a doubt, in possession of a great sense of humor. As a scientist like me, she took time to get to know me, rather than treat me like a checklist and a walking insurance claim. I will be recommending her to anyone who is in need of a great physician and highly competent practitioner.

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Irina Borissova, MD

Heather Jan 11, 2017

Dr. Borissova has truly one of the kindest hearts I've seen in physicians. I love how she takes an integrative & holistic approach and truly takes the time to work with you towards your health & wellness goals. It's never too young to start looking at prevention and being proactive!

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Ralph A. Lanza, MD, FACP

Al, PA Jan 4, 2017

DR. Lanza has been my doctor since 1995. His observations, suggestions and recommendations have helped me be a pretty healthy guy. Since he has been my Doctor I have completed marathons and century(100 miles or more)bicycle rides in every USA state and Canadian province. Now have completed 122 marathons and 100 century rides. At the age of 74 in 2014 rode my bicycle, in a tour, 3782 miles in 52 days from San Francisco, CA to Portsmouth, NH in 52 days. Besides, he is a great guy, Al Emma

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Ronald R. Buescher, MD

Ashley Jan 1, 2017

Dr.Buescher, or Dr.B as I called him as a kid, is the only doctor I really remember seeing. My parents actually met him when he was working in an ER- my parents were newlyweds at the time, looking for a new doctor - and after receiving amazing care and having a great time chatting together as well - he informed my parents he was actually opening his own practice. We've been patients ever since! He's like family and treats all of his patients with such respect and care.Also, one thing I really love is that he gives YOU the choices with your care 100. He almost always gives you multiple well-informed options, and will give his advice, but he actually follows through with your choice. He's that he just loves being a doctor - and educating his patients because we ultimately live with the side effects. He's passionate about his job, and that's an amazing find I think as far as General Practitioners.

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Harry W. Kaplan, MD

bernice Dec 9, 2016

I have been going to dr, harry Kaplan for aprox, 21 yrs,,,he;s kind , efficient, I can't think of any other words, to express my confidence and love for this wonderful doctor!!

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Andreas D. Rotsides, MD

Julie Dec 8, 2016

I would like to say how wonderful and caring Dr. Rotisdes is. He was my husband's doctor until my husband passed away. He would go see him in the morning before going to the office and if possible he would also go after work while he was in the hospital. He would called me every day of any changes in his condition. His bedside manor was by far the best that I have come across. He wasn't just a doctor he was a true friend.You could not ask for a better doctor.

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Robert E. Songy, MD

Charles Dec 8, 2016

As we age and things happen unexpectanty it is so great to have Dr. Songy a telephone away. When I was having chest pains, my wife called Dr. Songy and was told to get to the hospital immediately. I wa fortunate it was a mild one, and with the continued care I am doing well. My son is happy that we joined the MD/VIP program, it gives him peace of mind.

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Diana L. Kennedy, MD

Joe, OK Dec 7, 2016

Couldn't believe my Dr. spent 2 1/2 hours with me. Found out a lot of good & interesting things about my health & taking care of myself in general. Most importantly, FINALLY after 11 years of being dismissed by my endocrinologist as not being a hormonal/chemical imbalance that it was just stress I had answers. It was real & I was not crazy. No excuses for bad behavior on my part but what a relief to find out it was a real condition & it could be treated.Not cured but controlled with medication. Dr gave me my life back. When I have a bad day I can handle it so much better & it's not debilitating. I can't say thank you enough.

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Kevin C Thompson, MD

Mary, MI Dec 7, 2016

It is the best program ever dr Thompson is awesome the one on one time spent thorough exam I love it sure wish they had one In pediatrics!! Highly highly recommend it

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Ralph E. Seligmann, MD

Jill, AZ Dec 7, 2016

After relocating to Az. my husband and I decided the MDVIP program would be our wisest choice. We interviewes several physicians and decided After relocating to Az. my husband and I decided the MDVIP program would b e our wisest choice. We interviewed several physicians and decided Dr. Ralph Seligmann would best meet our needs. During my first physical Dr. Seligmann decided to pursue the cause of my faster than normal heart rate, even though I assured him this was typical for me.Testing revealed fluid around my heart and further testing found a small nodule on my right lung. The heart fluid was benign, but the lung nodule showed stage 1 cancer.The fluid and the nodule were successfully removed and I am now cancer free. Were it not for Dr. Seligmanns diligence these conditions would not have been found and we would ultimately have faced much more serious problems. My eternal thanks to you Dr. Seligmann

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Gregg M. Koval, MD

Susanne, GA Dec 5, 2016

I had the belief that annual mammograms are not necessary, but , thanks to Dr. Koval, I agreed to have one. It saved my life. The mammogram showed an irregularity. Further procedures were performed, followed by surgery on 11/7/16. The good news: the malignant growth was very small, approx. 3 millimeter, very localized, no involvement of the lymph nodes. I am glad that I decided to become a MDVIP patient and decided to choose Doctor Gregg Koval as my primary physician. He and his staff are very caring and kind. As a MDVIP patient I know that I get and will get the best possible medical care. Thank you Doctor Koval, thank you MDVIP.

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Lesley Rechter, MD

Lauri Dec 2, 2016

Leslie Rechter is the BEST doctor around!

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