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Nami Khulusi, MD

cynthia Feb 3, 2016

I came to Dr. NamI Khulusi's office seriously ill and in great pain. My face was swollen; I had allergic reactions to some antibiotics, an infection in my mouth and calcium deficiencies. I had tolerated the pain for over a month! Dr. Khulusi resolved the issues within a week! He has personally guided me through 3 surgeries in one year! He spoke to each of my surgeons and guided my treatment in the hospital and at home. He knows me personally. He is the best Internist I have ever had. I recommend him highly! Knowing him has changed my life medically and I believe I am on the way to good health thanks to his care! Thanks Dr. Khulusi

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G. Gilbert Head, MD

Kelly Feb 3, 2016

Dr. Head has been seeing me for over 10 years and I can say he's the most effective physician I've had over the last 45 years. I am a 30 year veteran of Diabetes and Dr. Head has encouraged me to strive for better control and treatment of the disease. He take a genuine interest in me both as a patient and a person. I enjoy my visits and appreciate his availability to any special needs I happen to have. He has a good understanding of all the medications I take and is always taking care to coordinate them with any other meds prescribed by other doctors. I hope to continue my relationship with Dr. head for several years to come.

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Nami Khulusi, MD

Staci Feb 1, 2016

I have been blessed to have found Dr khulusi over 14 years ago when I was experiencing for the first time in my life a terrible episode of depression . Dr khulusi is one of the most caring ,thorough and professional physicians I have ever known. The time and attention he takes to focus on my specific needs is like no other . His knowledge and understanding as well as treatment for me has made all the difference in my life over this last decade as his patient . Dr khulusi treats me like his family . I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who has not received the care for which there physician may be lacking.

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Melodie Phillips, MD, FACP

Lorie Feb 1, 2016

Melodie is a fabulous doctor. She is smart, kind and always available to listen, discuss and treat.

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Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

Rebecca Jan 20, 2016

Dr. Jacqueline Pearson is an amazing physician and person. She is dedicated, thorough, caring, compassionate and so knowledgeable medically. I was frustrated when my primary doctor (of 20+ years) quit taking insurance altogether and I was passed off from one doctor to another. I was handed to Dr. Pearson a few years ago - the first time I saw her, she had already read my extensive chart and was ready with questions. Unheard of! She so obviously cares about the entire person, not just a specific issue. I have stayed with her ever since. Since then Dr. Pearson joined MDVIP (just 9 months ago). If she thought it worthy, then so did I. It has been amazing. Appointments have all been on the same day requested and her staff is quick, friendly and professional (thanks April, Megan, Joy and Stephanie!!). Dr. Pearson has taken the time to know me well, has diagnosed something (due to the more extensive MDVIP tests) which has probably been with me a while but easily fixed, saved me an emergency room visit with one phone call (keeping an episode from turning into an event) and WE are now on the road to wellness with nutrition, exercise and regular diagnostics. As for the MDVIP cost, I have recouped the money at least twice over (in under a year!) with preventive care, ready access to Dr. Pearson and more extensive testing. She cares so much and that makes me care even more. I now truly focus on becoming healthier (I just started 1 month of no refined sugar I had absolutely no idea how much I was really ingesting), exercising more regularly and keeping stress in check. I dont just feel, but KNOW Dr. Pearson is with me every step of the way. She keeps tabs on how Im doing on a consistent basis which not only holds me accountable, but is encouraging. Frankly, I am not sure when Dr. Pearson sleeps or has family time. But she must because her family has been to events to support her and you can tell how close they are. That actually means something to her patients, as well, because she takes care of herself and practices what she preaches!! While I consider her a friend, it often feels that I am her only patient. She recently had a reception for all her charges - many came and there were only accolades and thanks for her. Several shared their stories and it was obvious I was NOT her only patient!! So to sum this up, Dr. Pearson is priceless, MDVIP is everything they claim to be, I couldnt be happier and I will soon be healthier!

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James K. Ensor, MD, FACP

Christine Jan 4, 2016

LOVE Dr. Ensor! So Blessed I found him. He's my Angel.

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John Bickle, DO

Melvin & Sharon Dec 25, 2015

My wife and I came from Minnesota because of her health from so many Knee and Femur surgeries, the cold weather was very painful . We have had a very hard time finding a good doctor. That was until we met Dr John Bickle. He cares for us as a person not a number, he believes in preventive medicine. We have received more tests then we have ever had before. He believes this is because catching a problem before it gets to a big one. We are very happy with Dr John Bickle and the staff and would recommend him to anyone. Yes, the is a cost to join but how important is your health care to you.

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John Bickle, DO

Melcin & Sharon Dec 25, 2015

My wife and I came from Minnesota for health reasons of my wife Sharon, with so many surgeries on her knees and femur. We have had a very hard time finding a good Doctor. That was until we met Dr John Bickle. He shows care like family. Also we have had more tests that we have never had before from any other doctor. He believes in being proactive catching them before they become big ones. During our wellness exam we had a lot of blood bests we never before, had some of which went to the Cleveland Heart lab. After the results came back he went over all of them. His office visits are not 10 minutes, sometimes they might be 30 minutes or so depending on what they were, he will also educate you on what they mean. The physical testings takes about 2 hours or so. Then he wanted us to have x rays we never have had before from any other doctor. It have taken us time to get use to getting use to having a good doctor. I can say without question Dr Bickle and his staff are the best, I will recommend him to all. Yes there is a cost to join his practice but how important is your life and what is it worth to you ,if you only have a doctor who may have 2000 patients to take care of. Dr Blckle has 500 patients, you will get more time since you both are on the same page. Please try, it MDVIP is a great organization that is fussy on who they get as there doctors. One question, what have you got to lose. Join Today you will not be sorry

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Stephen G. Smaldore, DO

Anita Dec 17, 2015

Dr. Stephen Smaldore is very through in all matters concerning my health. This past March he checked my right carotid artery and said it did not sound very good. He requested a sonogram and hat showed a blockage. Dr. Smaldore then sent me to a vascular surgeon and I was operated on for a blockage of 90. I am so grateful for Dr. Smaldore and his wisdom.

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Robert A. Brinkman, MD

Adam Dec 10, 2015

Dr brinkman has been helping our family since my grandfather in the 80's. He has done miracles for my mother and me. he recently became a mdvip doctor and they are lucky 2 have him! I just spent over a month in hospital with life threatening infection. Every day without fail at 6am, 7 days a week he was at my side checking progress. Never before have I had a doc give me such personal attention and care. I know i will never change doctors. :)

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Michael Daniels, MD

Elaine Dec 3, 2015

Lets face it the system is broken. We have developed a trusting relationship with Dr Daniels, who has always gone out of his way for us over the years, caring for our family and elderly parents. He is a dear friend and stellar family physician. His caring and passion for his profession is commendable. This new form of doctoring is delightful and truly reminiscent of the way medicine used to be and should be. We love him and VIP!

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Charles P. Tifft, MD, FAHA

Shannon, MA Dec 2, 2015

In January of this year, I was away on business in Atlanta. I called Dr. Tifft and told him how bad I was feeling. I flew home and for the first time in 20 years left a program early. Once home I saw Dr. Tifft in his office and within 12 minutes we were headed to the hospital. Turns out I had a strep infection in my blood, I was in shock, and going septic. I could have died had it not been for Dr. Charles Tifft, and lost my family. It was to his fast thinking, the team at the hospital, and his constant guidance that saved my life. He would make a point of checking on me at 5:30am every morning for two weeks, even in 7.5 feet of snow during the biggest snow storm ever in 2015. My family and I owe Dr. Tifft more than thanks, I owe him my life. Forever I'am thankful and grateful for Dr. Charles Tifft. Thank you

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