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Sep 10, 2012

Member: Clifford

Doctor Rating: 5

I have become an MDVIP patient recently

I have become an MDVIP patient recently, and had the second physical visit today. The first, a day of blood tests, questionnaire answering and physical testing; was performed by a great RN. Today, I had the physical exam, findings, and lifestyle evaluation with Dr. Olash. First, I have never had such a complete physical examination. Being a doctor myself, this is saying something. Dr. Olash was complete, personable, professional and realistic. He answered all my questions directly, and completely. He listened to all my input about my health history, lifestyle factors and medical history, made cogent observations and recommended changes, adjustments and encouraged me to keep doing the things I'm doing well, and encouraged me to make adjustments to those things that can affect my health longer term. Secondly, he took the time to ask questions, and listen to the answers. It is a rare thing in todays health care environment that a physician actually listens, and take the time to formulate a customized answer to questions I had regarding my own health. He acted like a partner and advisor, rather than a condescending, too busy to answer a patient's questions physician. Third, and lastly, he worked with me to make sure I understood what was good, what needed improvement and what were potential spots of trouble. He was clear to make sure I was clear. I am impressed by his bedside manner, his social skills, and his ability to prioritize and focus on the things that are good and those need improvement. All in all, I am thrilled with my decision to become an MDVIP member, and thrilled with my selection of Dr. Olash as my physician. He is an outstanding clinician and a skilled communicator. I couldn't be happier.