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Feb 2, 2013

Member: Joyce

Doctor Rating: 4

Harold S.Solomon, MD has been my primary care physician since 1979.

Harold S.Solomon, MD has been my primary care physician since 1979. He is a friend as well as my primary care physician. He encouraged me to participate in the original trials using lovastatin in 1987. They do work very well for me now. He constantly pushed me to stop smoking. He also encouraged me to participate in the National Lung Screening Trials studies in 2003. By doing so, and being fortunate to be in the CT scan portion of the study, a very small lump was discovered in the lower lobe of my right lung. It was monitored and grew enough to be removed in 2006. Harold coordinated all of my consultations and surgery and care. I am now considered to be cured since there has been no recurrence as of 05 June 2012. We are continuing to monitor. I participated in Harold's survey research into joining MDVIP or ceasing to practice medicine altogether. His concern for his patients forced him into working many more hours than any human being should be asked to do. He was doing this in order for him to provide the care which he told me that he needed to provide for all of his patients. I felt that it was and is to my benefit to pay the extra MDVIP fees to enable him to continue his practice. As far as I am concerned,my satisfaction with MDVIP is that Harold has continued to practice, and that having reached the age of 75 years old I do not need to search for .another primary care physician.