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Feb 7, 2014

Member: Alma

Doctor Rating: 5

You have done so much for me that I could go on writing for pages and pages.

Dear Dr. Benesh, You have done so much for me that I could go on writing for pages and pages. However, I will take just one example of your compassion and caring. Starting in January of 2013, I developed blood clots on two different occasions in my left calf after two separate complete knee replacement surgeries. These complications happened even though I was taking warfarin exactly as prescribed and was following all the eating protocols recommended with this medication. Dr. Benesh, you took a lot of time and went to a lot of trouble to research Xarelto, a new blood thinner, that you determined might be a better choice for me. You went to the trouble of finding out if my mitral valve repair would disqualify me from being a candidate for this medication. Fortunately, I was able to switch from Warfarin to Xarelto. Once you determined that I could take this medication, you contacted all of my other doctors--the orthopedic surgeon, the vascular surgeon, the cardiologist, and the doctor who takes care of my asthma-- to explain your recommendation. They all agreed with you. I can't even imagine how much time you took to speak with everyone. And, the Xarelto worked. I just stopped taking the Xarelto last month after being on it for about ten months. I had no more problems with blood clots, thanks to you. And I am now back in the gym three time a week, continuing to work on my strength and conditioning. Thank you Dr. Benesh, not only for the help with the Xarelto, but for all you have done to help me be my best. I am truly grateful to have yo for my doctor..