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Feb 7, 2014

Member: Kathy

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Dan Whitmer has been my doctor for about 35 years and there isn't another doctor I would rather have.

Dr. Dan Whitmer has been my doctor for about 35 years and there isn't another doctor I would rather have. Even before he went with MDVIP, he always made you feel like you were the only patient he had that day and I never left the doctors office feeling rushed, or uncertain about any questions I had and always have felt that I had wonderful treatment. With MDVIP, he has gone over and above with his care and it is so easy to reach him in case of an emergency. He cares....and goes out of his way to help. A couple years ago, on December 23, I had a pinched nerve/muscle pull in my back and it went down my leg to the point that I could not stand on it because of the severe pain. We called Dr. Whitmer and he immediately came to my house. This is unheard of in this day and age and at Christmastime on top of that, but he was here and got me on the road to recovery and then calls me to see how I was doing. I can't thank him enough for doing that for me. Another time, more recently, we were in Florida at Disney World and I had had a bout of bronchitis prior to going and had finished up my antibiotics. During the time we were there, I was getting it back again and just felt awful. We went back to our resort and placed a late night call to him and got him immediately. We were able to find an all night pharmacy that delivered to any Disney Resort and he called in a prescription for me and a cough medicine and within 45 minutes, I had my prescriptions delivered to the front desk. These are just two of the many things about Dr. Whitmer that I have experienced. Not only is he a great doctor and spot on with his diagnosis, I feel he is a friend. He is so caring, likes to hear how my family is doing, as he knows them all well; he is so personable and just genuinely nice and I trust him completely to take care of me. I wan't so sure I was going to like the MDVIP change, but to be honest with you, I really feel like the personal treatrment I receive every time I would need to go to the doctor, is so special and comforting. Those who are not with an MDVIP are missing out in my opinion and I am very grateful that I can continue to be a patient of Dr. Whitmer through this great program. Having to see a doctor isn't always a pleasant experience for some, but I feel the way he treats you speaks volumes. He really puts you at ease and listens. In addition, the staff are always so friendly, helpful and kind, and I enjoy talking with them. All in all, I feel I have the best.