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Feb 7, 2014

Member: Nancy l

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr Mart Amick has been my primary care physician since 1998.

Dr Mart Amick has been my primary care physician since 1998. He has guided me through several medical events with keen focus, an astute ability to diagnose while at all times being genuinely interested in me as a person. He provided me with a resource to learn about Type II Diabetes when my annual physical exam identified I was pre-diabetic I completed a 16 week program which was tremendously informative and gave me incentive to continue to loose weight, make informed food choices and to step up my physical activity. I was rewarded with much improved numbers in all areas as the results of my annual exam in August 2013 - best of all, I was no longer pre-diabetic. An example of Dr Amick's partnership with his patients - in October 2013, I was on vacation in Peru, high in the Andes Mountains, when I began having above average symptoms of altitude sickness. I emailed Dr. Amick describing what I was experiencing. He responded in less than an hour advising me what actions I needed to take. The result was that I was able to remain on the tour and complete my two week vacation. Several members of the tour group commented that they didn't even know how to get in touch with their doctor except by a long distance phone call.

Photo: Nancy l