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Feb 7, 2014

Member: Elaine

Doctor Rating: 5

My MDVIP doctor is Edward R. Hutchison, Md.

My MDVIP doctor is Edward R. Hutchison, Md. He has an excellent bedside manner and takes the time to listen and to make comments that are very helpful. He can laugh at himself and takes my attempts at humor in stride. His staff is very helpful and this makes you feel at home, with people who care. I find he keeps on top of the latest medical practices and is very knowledgeable about internal medicine. If he is un sure, he calls in a specialist before he makes his final judgment about a treatment. I feel I am getting the best possible medical attention and feel secure about my health, now that I am a senior citizen. I realize that I am the one responsible for my health but having a doctor who cares about people is also important for my well being.

Photo: Elaine