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Feb 10, 2014

Member: wanda

Doctor Rating: 5

I never had a regular Doctor until Dr. Meinhold.

I never had a regular Doctor until Dr. Meinhold.. My new husband had been going to him many years and that is how I met him. He is a great Doctor and really cares about my problems and keeps up with all I need. He will call back within a few hours most of the time, depending on his schedule. I have now been going to him for over 11 years and I Thank God I have. The first time he saw my spinal ex-rays, he was surprised and said No wonder you are in pain. I moved away for 2 years (knowing I was coming back) to SC and still drove to Georgia every six months to see him. I always said (& still do) I will not give up my Doctor Meinhold. I can't thank him and the staff enough for always being there, even on weeks.... ! Thanks Dr. Meinhold. !!