Long Live Healthy with Member Stories

Feb 21, 2014

Member: Roger

Doctor Rating: 5

Thanks to you, Dr. Kaminski.

Thanks to you, Dr. Kaminski. You have always been there for me with your medical expertise. Your counsel has led to a much healthier lifestyle for me personally. I am using the gym three times a week now and have lost 28 pounds. Even more importantly, I am now eating really, healthy. Not bad for a guy seventy five. You have in my visits, always asked about my wife, Judy and her winning fight against cancer. Your thoughts and good wishes have always brought a smile to her. Again, thank you. The medical care and results along with concern about me as your patient, has overtime developed into a great doctor, patient relationship. Along with your staff, for they surely, are a reflection of your patient care and medical vocation that makes me proud to say that Dr. Kaminski is my doctor. For my wife and me these are qualities that define the title Doctor. Thanks for being mine. P.S. Even though youre not a Notre Dame fan I guess today, its o.k. to say Go Blue