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Feb 23, 2014

Member: Susan

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Strait Fairey as a really good doctor.

Dear Dr. Fairey, When I first moved to Charleston and was seeking a family practice physician, I asked my neighbor for recommendations; at the time she was a nurse ombudsperson for patients at Roper Hospital and I figured she would know who was good. She didnt miss a beat, immediately recommending Dr. Strait Fairey as a really good doctor, capable of much but also one who didnt hesitate to refer when necessary, all coupled with superb bedside manner and the respect of his colleagues. She was right on target! Your proactive efforts in screening and treatment, along with good genes, have gotten me to this point in reasonably good health. Now, if I can overcome the activity hurdle MD-VIP has been a plus. Im certainly spoiled by the convenience. More importantly, Ive appreciated being the beneficiary of you practicing medicine the way youve always wanted or would be if not for the bureaucracy and headaches of insurance. The knowledge, concern, thoroughness and ability to listen have always been there. For example, no single appointment was more valuable than one when you advised me in depth how to deal with my mothers health. MD-VIP provides the opportunity to have the extra time to go over test results, to share all of the information, to explain something complicated, and to keep up with advances. At the same time, the old-fashioned skills and experience have proven just as valuable (e.g. your conviction that I had a fifth metatarsal stress fracture when no instrument was showing it). All of that is why, when I write a letter of reference, students have a high standard to meet when I consider if they have the potential to become an all-around physician. Thanks for being my Partner in Health for 34 years!