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Mar 6, 2014

Member: Sally

Doctor Rating: 5

First of all, i must disclosed that I have served in the medical field for almost 40 years from pharmacy.

First of all, i must disclosed that I have served in the medical field for almost 40 years from pharmacy, hospital ER , to health care administration, and finally the last 15 years as an provider services and contracting executive for a large healthcare insurance company. In sharing my experience, I must say that I am driven to quality care first and foremost for the betterment of living a long, happy, healthy life. I prefer a woman for my physician because I feel that women have needs both medically and on a personal level that women understand first hand. Sheril Stansberry understood my symptoms of hypothyroidism and the importance of checking not only the T4 level as most other physicians do, but she ordered the lab to include T3 w/ sensitivities. Sure enough the T3 was low and I needed a prescription to take care of this medical need. After starting treatment, I felt much better and under her supervision and care my lab work has never been so good. Also having been an dancer for many years both on a professional level and personal enjoyment, I have developed aches and pains in my joints and back. She has helped me manage my pain through physical therapy and mild pain meds only when needed so that I can still get out there and boggie on occasion. I also have Meniere's Disease that she helps me manage physically and on the emotional level. Talking about emotional level, she gave me the much needed time to discuss my sister's battle with Breast Cancer and understood my deep heartfelt emotional attachment to my only sister & when my sister finished her treatment she rejoiced with me! No other doctor would be able to commit the time, energy, emotions if you were allowed only a ten minute time limit with physician scheduling these days. For a doctor to truly be able to give you quality care , they must be able to get to know the whole real you. Sheril does this with the most kindness, caring, empathy, and a great sense of humor. Her associates reflect this same attribute also and I am sure they learned this generous attribute from her. Thank You MDVIP for letting me share my story in hopes of bring awareness to the Quality of Care of Your Physicians !