Long Live Healthy with Member Stories

Mar 29, 2014

Member: Robin

Doctor Rating: 5

Wishing you and your family all the best in life.

Hi Dr. Davis-Seagle, I want to add my voice to all of your other patients who are so grateful to you for all you do to make our lives healthier and happier. From day one youve taken such good care of me whether it be a crisis or just a routine visit. I turn to you for your knowledge, skills, and compassion over and over again, knowing that Im getting every ounce of your attention and the outcome to every situation will be positive. Being part of your MDVIP program has been an enormous benefit to me. Each physical means you spend a great deal of time educating me about my health now and what I can do to remain as healthy as possible in the future. There is a great sense of security knowing you are available to me should an emergency arise. I will forever be grateful to you for immediately recognizing, treating and possibly saving my husbands life, for advising us what to do when a visiting family member faced illness with a small child, and for constantly putting up with my hard headedness and helping me choose to do the right thing. I so value your kindness, your sense of humor, no matter how busy or tired you may be, and wish everyone who is near and dear to me could claim you as their Dr., and I pray that Ill always be fortunate enough to have you in my life. Without question you were meant to be a physician. Wishing you and your family all the best in life.