Long Live Healthy with Member Stories

Mar 3, 2016

Member: Roxana

Doctor Rating: 5

Doctor Eckert renewed my faith in primary care physicians.

As a health care professional( a registered nurse) for over 35 years myself, I have experienced and worked with many doctors. Doctor Eckert renewed my faith in primary care physicians. I have never seen or experienced a doctor who understands the therapeutic relationship of really getting to know your patients. She is not only a brilliant Doctor but her commitment to teach me and take time to make sure all my questions were answered made me feel not only cared for but respected. As a RN educator I know that taking time for education Is key towards wellness. There is never a feeling of being rushed. There is a true commitment to create patient goals and a joint effort towards holistic wellness and prevention. All I can say is not only am I blessed to have found Dr Ruth Eckert to help me overcome some serious health problems, but I have found a partner to help me stay healthy for the rest of my life time. Dr Eckert and MDVIP is the way to transverse today's health care today. I am so convinced that if you have a chronic disease or multiple health issues and you are just not getting better, using a concierge physician is the only way to go in today healthcare system. Having an expert making you a higher priority and looking at your health from a holistic point of view who will listen to your input to achieve your health goals is crucial in this complex health system we live in. I know for many cost is a concern. But there comes a point where you have to invest in yourself. This was the best investment I ever made ! My next goal is to get the rest of my family members enrolled. Matter of fact my sister who could not get her diabetes under control for years was in control within a few months of enrolling in the program. It's amazing what can happened when you have a doctor who listens to you and who genuinely cares about getting you healthy.