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Mar 18, 2016

Member: Edith

Doctor Rating: 5

I would recommend him to any of my friends or family

When my husband, Mike, started with Dr Khulusi years ago before he changed his practice to MDVIP....all I heard was this doctor is unbelievable as a person and medical practicioner I was going to specialists for every part of my body and never had an internist . I knew I needed a gatewatcher to coordinate a general profile.When Dr Khulshi joined MDVIP I attended the seminar where he introduced himself .I am generally fearful of doctors and was quite reluctant to attend, but Mike persevered. Now, having been a patient since he started at MDVIP I feel like my husband gave me the best gift since our marriage of 53 years ( aside from my children) !!!! My fear is gone, he is so approachable, human, and sincere. Never have I met a man so dedicated, informed, and willing to spend time with patients. I am going through a very difficult time now being diagnosed with cancer and may need future treatment. Dr Khulshi is totally there for me regarding my health and concerns . He is my doctor, psychologist, supporter, and offers constant availability I would recommend him to any of my friends or family