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E. Martin Maida, MD

DR HARRY, NJ Mar 22, 2017

In a phrase, when I was initially referred to E. Martin Maida in 1998, I was a mess...physically and emotionally. Here's the thing you need to know about the good Doctor. Although he knows medicine better than most, he also knows the human heart...not just the miraculous pump that keeps us alive, but the human heart that is the center of compassion.

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E. Martin Maida, MD

Gloria, NJ Mar 24, 2014

My doctor, my friend, my confidant. You are the best, thank you for being there for us through good and bad. I feel so fortunate having you as my doc. and able to be a part of MDVIP. He is never more than a heartbeat away. Always there when I need you. God Bless You, for caring.

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E. Martin Maida, MD

Matthew, NJ Mar 11, 2014

Dr. Maida is the best doctor I've ever had and one of the finest men I have known. He knows exactly when to go by the book and when to think outside the box. It may be a cliche, but it's true in this case, that he treats the whole person, not just the most obvious, immediate symptoms. I always feel he is going to help me get well. I don't think my experience is different from others, who say similar things. He really cares and gets to the bottom of the patient's problems, without judging or embarrassing you. Also the staff is excellent. And when you're sick they don't make you wait and wait and wait. Good phone and email communications. Great! Thanks for being there!

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E. Martin Maida, MD

Mary, NJ Feb 23, 2014

What can I say; I love Dr. Maida! I have peripheral neuropathy. When I first went to Dr. Maida with my symptoms; he diagnosed it right away and got me to the right people immediately. Since then I have become very involved with the Neuropathy Association and found out that most people take a long time to be diagnosed and become very frustrated in the process. What I always remember was being upset about the way the one neurologist gave me the results of my tests, she didnt explain anything. Dr. Maida sat with me and very patiently explained the results and what they meant. Anytime you go for visit, he is very through. You can ask as many questions as you need and he always takes the time to answer them. Thank you Dr. Maida! You are exactly what a doctor is supposed to be.

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E. Martin Maida, MD

Carol, NJ Feb 7, 2014

I thank Dr Maida for his prompt responses and appreciate his compassion during my treatments.

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E. Martin Maida, MD

Michael, NJ Feb 6, 2014

The attention to detail, willingness and ability to listen, willingness and ability to help, and the level of diagnostic testing has impressed me in a positive way.

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E. Martin Maida, MD

Joseph, NJ Feb 6, 2014

Dr. Maida is an excellent physician. He is concerned and dedicated to his patience. He diagnosed my heart condition and saved my life. He continues to monitor me and always follows through.I always appreciate his concern and kindness.

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E. Martin Maida, MD

MaryAnn Mar 12, 2012

We (my famaily and I) love our doctor, E. Martin Maida, who truly defines medical excellence, kindness, and caring. He provides extraordinary service to patients. Dr. Maida personifies the newest direction of medicine, the prevention of disease and practice of good health. The MDVIP Program is excellent. Dr. Maida has time to work closely and examine all aspects of “wellness.†We love our doctor because he does not see health as merely the absence of disease, but rather as total physical, mental and social well-being. He has taught us to exercise best practices to safeguard health and maintain a wholesome standard of living. He remains vigilant to our medical needs and provides encouragement. Thank you Dr. Maida for being the wonderful human being that you are! Our mutual confidence, rapport and trust truly epitomize the value of a doctor-patient relationship

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