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Lynn, IL Mar 30, 2017

Dr. Long has been my doctor for close to 30 years. I was one of her first patients. I have come to trust and love her. She is a caring, empathetic, kind, and thorough doctor. She will be retiring soon which feels pretty scary to me. But I am glad for her to be able to enjoy some travel time with her husband and to have more time in general to slow down and find out what retirement is like. She is one special lady. I have never been disappointed in who she refers me to. She even came to see me years ago at Hinsdale Hospital which blew me away!!! I can't imagine that there is a better doctor anywhere. Thank you Dr. Long for being you.

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Judith, IL Feb 23, 2014

I am delighted to have this opportunity to express my gratitude to Dr. Long for the care I have received since joining the personalized healthcare practice. All of the advantages and values described in the MDVIP information booklets actually exist in Dr. Long's practice. Her dedication, availability and knowledge provides great comfort. She CARES and that is evident. The peace of mind that comes with this is medicine itself. To her and her staff, thank you

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Priscilla, IL Feb 22, 2014

My husband and I are both Dr. Francine Long's patients. Dr. Long explains all necessary treatments to us and refers us to other specialists as needed. Her staff is very professional and friendly. We are happy that Dr. Long is our physician and are confident that no red flags will be missed.

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Jarilaos, IL Feb 22, 2014

My wife and I are both Dr. Francine Long's patients. Dr. Long explains all necessary treatments to us and refers us to other specialists as needed. Her staff is very professional and friendly. We are happy that Dr. Long is our physician and are confident that no red flags will be missed.

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Janet, IL Feb 21, 2014

It is very comfortable and reassuring to be able to contact her at any time by cell phone. I travel frequently and it's saved many trips to strangers and repeating all your health history. Having an MDVIP Dr. makes continuity of treating a reality. I feel like she knows me and cares about what's best for me.

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Barbara, IL Feb 21, 2014

Dear Doctor Long, You are a compassionate, caring doctor. You have encouraged me in my quest for controlling my weight and all the conditions that go with it. You never give up on me even when I want to give up on myself. Thank you for all that you do.

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Virginia, IL Feb 19, 2014

Dr. Long has been my physician for over 20 years. She is amazing. The story that follows is just one of the many ways she has blessed my life. In the year 2000, I was teaching in a school which was being enlarged. My classroom abutted the construction. In the spring I suffered a severe asthma attack caused by inhalation of cement dust/mortar mix that blew into the room. I was never able to return to teaching because of the effect that had on my health. Because this occurred before 911, no one believed that breathing in a little cement dust, as they called it, could hurt me. I taught chemistry, and knew that the nickel and chromium salts were quite unsafe. I tried to re-enter the classroom, but I was too sensitized to return to teaching. My health kept deteriorating. Dr. Long sent me to specialist after specialist. No one found anything - they just said I was depressed. But Dr. Long knew me. I had been energetic and optimistic prior to the accident. She knew something was wrong, that I was not malingering. We kept trying more specialists. In December of 2001, I was hospitalized with a kidney stone. My blood counts were terrible, especially my iron and B12. Dr. Long looked at the results and suggested that I possibly had Celiac disease. Because of her Italian heritage, she was much more aware of Celiac than most doctors. The GI doctor she had previously sent me to never tested me he was the first to call me depressed. Her hunch saved my life! The changes in diet did much to increase my energy, but I still wasn't quite my old self. Unfortunately, through the undernourishment caused by undiagnosed Celiac, my immune system had become super-sensitive. I still struggle with extreme allergic asthma from pollen and mold, and have developed several food allergies and sensitivities. But my blood counts are much better! Had Dr. Long not been tenacious, constantly looking for a reason for my disability, I would not have stopped eating the foods that were harming my body. At the time of diagnosis, Celiac was not well known. Her concern and care for me were what allowed me to stop the downward spiral of dissipating health. I now have energy to take up some hobbies, even though I am confined to my home because of the severity of my allergies. The photo attached is me with several of my watercolor paintings. I thank Dr. Long for my health AND my hobbies!

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Linda, IL Feb 18, 2014

I have been Dr. Long's patient since 1990. I have followed her to several practices and we now share the MD VIP experience! Quite honestly, I do not have to see Dr Long that often, usually only at my annual physical. I am a fairly healthy person and I contribute that in part to Dr. Long. She encourages me to be healthy, she offers classes and seminars on healthy eating, healthy living, and subjects of general interest to her patients, all that promote a healthy lifestyle. I have lost weight and am exercising more, with water aerobics, walking and dance classes. I have more energy to play with my grandchildren. Dr Long helped me thru a very trying time in my life when I first started seeing her, after dealing with an hmo and a differrent Dr everytime, she was a breath of fresh air! I dread the day that she retires. Thanks Dr. Long, for all you do!

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Joan, IL Feb 10, 2014

The first thing I had to do when moving to a different suburb in the Chicago area was to look for a primary care doctor. I had enjoyed many years as a patient of the doctor I was leaving and his credential were of the highest standard. This turned out to be a tough job and resulted in many abortive attempts to find that special doctor. About to give up I then heard about Dr. Francine Long. When checking her credentials I found that not only had she earned the respect of her patients for being a great, caring doctor she received highest praise for her many medical capabilities from another doctor in a different field of medicine. Based on this input I waited for her busy practice to make room for one more patient, me. It took a while and when I was finally able to meet Dr. Long, I immediately knew I found my primary care doctor and I have never been sorry for that decision. Dr. Long and I have developed a wonderful doctor/patient relationship. I am a senior citizen and have deeply respected and been very grateful that Dr. Long has responded to my health needs ever mindful, regardless of my age, that I had a right to a quality of life for as long as I continued to live. Recently the health problems have become extremely troublesome, but Dr. Long has been right there to offer help and resolutions. I deeply respect Dr. Long for being the excellent diagnostician she is, her profound care to my health needs, going to great lengths to dig deeper to bring all the symptoms into proper perspective, for never making me feel like excess baggage because of my age and for always being there when needed. Since she has become a MD/VIP participant, this relationship has deepened. I applaud MD/VIP for recognizing Dr. Long's successful practice, her numerous capabilities and having her a part of your endeavors.

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Elaine, IL Feb 7, 2014

Dr. Long and her staff are always available, proactively focused on health, and genuinely caring in attitude. It is a pleasure to interact with them. They make healthy living inviting and personalized.

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Ellen, IL Feb 6, 2014

I met Dr Long at a time in my life when I had lost my dad to cancer, I was in an unhealthy marriage and I was completely overworked and undervalued at my job. She took one look at me and without any judgement began a process to get me well. Dr Long was able to convince me that I needed medication and removed the stigma attached to depression. We worked together to get my medication perfect so I was able to cope with everything life handed me. Although not a Psychiatrist or Psychologist, Dr Long treated my depression and anxiety with great care and tenderness. Her treatment went beyond medication and included suggestions to volunteer in order to put my issues into perspective and exercise to naturally raise my hormonal levels. I trust her opinion and took her suggestion for a counselor that she recommended. I have never felt like she is rushed or hurrying my diagnosis or examination. Once, when there was an issue with the front desk and I waited for 45 minutes she personally apologized and presented me with a gift card for the inconvenience. As my life changed whether it be from a job loss, new baby or divorce, Dr Long was there to get me through. She has been a shoulder to cry on and the kick in the pants I needed for over 10 years. I know my health is in good hands with my friend, Dr Long.

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sanford Feb 5, 2013

Dr. Long is the rare physician without a god complex that respects the input and intelligence of her patients. She could be compared to a great coach.

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