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Charles P. Tifft, MD, FAHA

Shannon, MA Dec 2, 2015

In January of this year, I was away on business in Atlanta. I called Dr. Tifft and told him how bad I was feeling. I flew home and for the first time in 20 years left a program early. Once home I saw Dr. Tifft in his office and within 12 minutes we were headed to the hospital. Turns out I had a strep infection in my blood, I was in shock, and going septic. I could have died had it not been for Dr. Charles Tifft, and lost my family. It was to his fast thinking, the team at the hospital, and his constant guidance that saved my life. He would make a point of checking on me at 5:30am every morning for two weeks, even in 7.5 feet of snow during the biggest snow storm ever in 2015. My family and I owe Dr. Tifft more than thanks, I owe him my life. Forever I'am thankful and grateful for Dr. Charles Tifft. Thank you

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Charles P. Tifft, MD, FAHA

Elizabeth Dec 2, 2015

My husband has been a patient of Dr Tifft's since the early 80's. I became his patient soon after. As a nurse practitioner I have a unique perspective on the care I am given. At certain times in our journey Dr Tifft provide care to most of the adults in my family including my grown children, nieces and nephews. He has always put the patient first. Thank you so much for your excellent care and friendship.

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