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Barbara, FL Feb 25, 2015

Being able to reach him whenever necessary is very important rather than waiting for a calll back. Also being able to get an immediate appointment if necessary is great.

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Gilbert, FL Feb 20, 2015

Dr. Sklaver has taken good care of me in the office and in the recent hospitalization

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Howard, FL Feb 18, 2015

Very satisfied with my doctor's attention and care

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Frances, FL Oct 9, 2014

Dr. Sklaver was my Doctor long before he joined MDVIP. I already knew he was the best, and I am probably enjoying perfect health at age 77, because of him, and some good genes too, I suppose. Over the years, he has always been conscientious, often having me return every 3 months, for this or that, and I did, as I trusted him. When he became an MDVIP Doctor, I think he was happier, because he could be the best doctor he could be, as now he had the time to spend with patients, and still have a personal life, which is very important, to keep him healthy, too. I always knew he was the best, so no surprises here, only many thanks and congratulations. He also makes wonderful recommendations when I need to see a specialist, and they all seem to revere him.

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Grace, FL Mar 21, 2014

I'm highly impressed at the quality & speed of services that Dr. Sklaver provides. Before for any routinely blood work i would need to go to make an appointment with Lab Corp (usually one month away), then get an appointment with my doctor (normally 3 month away) & finally get a result. With Dr. Sklaver, i can make my appointment the same day & all the lab work is done at his office & he calls me to give me the results. What a service! Thanks Dr. Sklaver

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Marion, FL Mar 13, 2014

My Doctor, ALLEN SKLAVER, is always there when I need answers. Allan has taken on my son who has Autism and is fifty years old. I appreciate him taking on Butch who goes to work everyday a Goodwill but is not easy to get him to Allen Office to do Blood tests but every time he get better. All the staff working in the office understand that it takes patience and they do a good job working with him. Thanks to Allen and his staff

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Allen & Judith, FL Feb 25, 2014

Dr. Allen Sklaver is not only a Great Diagnostician with excellent bedside manner ,but also his office handles requests in a very timely way. The wait time is very rarely over 10 minutes. We are very comfortable putting our health concerns in his hands & appreciate very much the health services he and his office provides. We have been with them for over 7 years

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Beth, FL Feb 24, 2014

We have known Dr. Sklaver for many years and are so grateful he is our physician! He is so caring & extremely thorough and we have the utmost confidence in his knowledge & expertise!! Dr. Sklaver has a wonderful manner and we are so fortunate to be under his outstanding care!! Dr. Sklaver's office personnel including the nurses, the lab technicians and the office manager/front desk employee, Tina (who we adore) are always so kind, gentle and accommodating, it is a pleasure to be a patient there!!

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Edward, FL Feb 23, 2014

I moved to Florida seventeen years ago. I have been blessed to have Dr. Sklaver as my physician for the entire 17 years. However, I cannot think of any one story that stands out because its been a continuous wonderful non stop seventeen year story. If one could manufacture the perfect physician it would be a clone of Dr. Sklaver. He is kind, compassionate, articulate, patient, warm and extremely intelligent on medical matters. This may embarrass Dr. Sklaver: but as a bonus he looks like he was chosen by central casting to play a distinguished looking physician.

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Dorothy, FL Feb 17, 2014

In January 2006 I first went to Dr. Sklaver for my yearly check up. I was feeling fine. No complaints. As part of the routine he did an EKG. He thought the results looked a little suspicious. Since I have a history of family heart conditions he recommended that I have a stress test. His receptionist, Tina, called the cardiologist and scheduled an appointment for me. I went for the stress test and they found that I had some blockage in my arteries. Soon after that I had an angiogram and it was determined that I needed surgery. The next day I had quadruple bypass surgery. I was told that I was lucky because I beat the widow maker. All thanks to Dr. Sklaver and office following through with me.

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Diane, FL Feb 16, 2014

Dr. Sklaver has been our health provider for decades. I have been fortunate enough to have Dr. Sklaver as a personal health provider and to have served on Westside Regional Hospital Board of Trustees with Dr. Sklaver. My first encounter with Dr. Sklaver was through my aging parent. During the time he cared for my parent he was so patient and had a soft spoken manner when dealing with my strong willed Italian father. As my fathers condition declined, frequent emergency room visits occurred. Dr. Sklaver was at his bedside in a moments notice. His attentiveness continued with frequent phone calls even after Dad was placed in hospice. Now I am fortunate enough to have Dr. Sklaver as my health provider. His empathetic manner is evident through Dr. Sklaver s non-rush approach and professional interaction. Also by serving on Westside Regional Hospital Board of Trustees I was afforded the opportunity to observe the level of respect Dr. Sklaver received from his colleagues. Knowing his peers valued his judgment was another credential dimension and provided additional assurance that I am truly rewarded by having Dr. Sklaver as my personal physician for the past decade. With Dr. Sklaver's medical guidance I will be able to enjoy my family for years to come. Happiness is Family! PHOTO: Family Fest - Pure Enjoyment

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Joel, FL Feb 8, 2014

The most through and knowledgeable doctor I have ever been associated with. The concern with which he treats his patients is only overshadowed by his acute knowledge of internal medicine and infectious diseases.

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