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Leo C. Tynan, MD

Patsy, TX Oct 18, 2016

Dr. Tynan became my MVIP Dr. when my husband and I started the process of building a home and moving to Fredericksburg several years. ago My story become unique because during that time my husband became very ill and had major heart surgery in Houston where he was in the hospital for 3 months.He is now on a heart transplant list It was difficult on me and since his release and our eventual move into our new home, my new life has become one of a caretaker. Dr. Tynan has been patient and compassionate in understanding the challenges and changes that I am going through and helpful in suggesting ways to better handle some situations. This lifestyle change has put strain on my health and I am so appreciative that I never have to wait to get an appointment to be seen by Dr. Tynan. He always has time to listen to me and I never feel like I am being rushed out of the office. His nurses Jenna Beth and Lindsey are both efficient, upbeat and I never feel like just another patient. I feel like they all know who I am and understand and remember my situation with my husband and that they really care about making a difference in my life.. At 68 yrs. old I did not expect to need the emotional and physical support as a caregiver, but I was wrong and I was lucky to be enrolled with MDVIP when I was blindsided during this time that I have needed help. My husband has been on the transplant list for one year and can stay on the list for two more years, so it is a very emotional time under our roof...

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Leo C. Tynan, MD

Libby and Ron, TX Feb 22, 2014

Dear Dr. Tynan, We're glad to have this opportunity to tell you how much it means to us to be in your care. We're fortunate to have not just your professional expertise, but also your personal care and concern for our well-being. It means a great deal, especially in this difficult time in our lives. Our thanks to you and to your excellent staff.

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