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Diana L. Kennedy, MD

Pamela, OK Apr 2, 2017

I have shared the details of my story before. Dr. Kennedy is simply a gifted physician . Her care and thoughtful perspectives give credence to the word healer. Her joyful and real /truth speaking spirit is shared along side her professional and thoughtful healing.

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Diana L. Kennedy, MD

Joe, OK Dec 7, 2016

Couldn't believe my Dr. spent 2 1/2 hours with me. Found out a lot of good & interesting things about my health & taking care of myself in general. Most importantly, FINALLY after 11 years of being dismissed by my endocrinologist as not being a hormonal/chemical imbalance that it was just stress I had answers. It was real & I was not crazy. No excuses for bad behavior on my part but what a relief to find out it was a real condition & it could be treated.Not cured but controlled with medication. Dr gave me my life back. When I have a bad day I can handle it so much better & it's not debilitating. I can't say thank you enough.

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Diana L. Kennedy, MD

Patty, OK Feb 22, 2015

Thanks to Dr. Kennedy, I am experiencing emotional and physical improvements that have a great impact on my life. She has taken the time to listen and treat effectively my anxiety, hearing loss, blood pressure and pre-diabetes. She motivates me to do a better job of managing my health. Both she and the program have been a blessing!

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Diana L. Kennedy, MD

Jeff, OK Feb 20, 2015

Dr. Kennedy has been an answer to prayer. Could not be more satisfied with her staff, her level of care and professionalism, and mostly her sincere interest in my health. Wish I had found her 20 years ago

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Diana L. Kennedy, MD

Pamela, OK Mar 18, 2014

Dr Kennedy has been my physician since my diagnosis of Type II diabetes in 2008. This is before her MDVIP affiliation. When she decided that MDVIP was for her , she discussed the change , sent letters and urged our attendance at the information meetings , which I attended. Being a health care professional myself, I somewhat understood her choice and as a patient I surely did. DR Kennedy has not changed her practices since becoming a member of MDVIP she has just found a platform to more fully embrace who she is and chooses to be. For me, that is a physician that truely looks to the mind ,body and spirit as keys to overall health. Her medical experitise is exceptional , her acknowledgment of individuality and need for patient input ,sincere, and her personal touch with guidance, unique . My health , since 2008 , has improved greatly under her mindful care. She allowed me the input I needed while ensuring my health safety all the while guiding me to accept a disease that requires daily care. She has recently assisted me to unfold a health mystery . By Dr Kennedy's intense listening and consistent pursuing of answers we were able to establish a plan that now has me on low dose thyroid med., at a 5.4 Hgb. A1C, diet and exercise controlled, ( I have never been over wieght but needed to learn to balance the exercise and diet to maintain a consitent blood sugar ) and I have maintained the stability of this for some time. MDVIP augments the care DR. Kennedy believes in and practices! She and her office staff are the best!

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Diana L. Kennedy, MD

Leola, OK Feb 17, 2014

I was concerned about my headaches. I get a lot of them, but these seemed different. I called Dr. Kennedy's office, spoke with the MA, she referred my concerns to the doctor. I thought they had forgotten me, not so. Dr Kennedy called after hours listened (without a rush), and advised me, and provided her cell phone for my access/assurance for after hours and the weekend. I'm confident I felt better just knowing I could reach her if things got worse. Thank you!

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Diana L. Kennedy, MD

Kimberly and Michael, OK Feb 8, 2014

The best medical problem to have is the one that your doctor caught early before it became serious or terminal. Dr. Kennedy is very proactive in keeping us healthy and we appreciate her no nonsense professional approach to medicine. As a MDVIP physician Dr. Kennedy is able to thoroughly manage our healthcare and promptly respond to our every medical need. This gives us the secure knowledge we are receiving the very best care available at all times. We would not trade Dr. Kennedy or MDVIP. Thank you Dr. Kennedy!!!

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Diana L. Kennedy, MD

Deborah, OK Feb 7, 2014

At my age I can tell you without hesitation that she is the best doctor ever. She actually listens to my complaints etc. When I first began seeing her 5 years ago I had everything imaginable going on with me from Diabetes that was out of control to everything else. I am no longer on insulin and see her every 3 months for blood work etc. She also has the most amazing office staff that have been with her for a very long time which speaks highly of Dr. Kennedy as well. They are quite a team. They always get back with me and have always been very responsive. I truly love Dr. Kennedy and her staff!!!

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