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J. Drew O'Neal, MD

Wanda May 17, 2016

Dr. O'Neal is a very analytical listener and questioner! Several years ago, he removed a spot that did not present as concerning. However, the report came back that the spot was an aggressive melanoma. Dr. O'Neal called me personally with the news. His response was not a let's take this step first, but rather, I have already scheduled several appointments to determine the extent of the melanoma. That was very reassuring! I am cancer free after twenty years! His track record is one of trustworthiness, always learning, always investing and caring for his patients! Since joining MDVIP, the care has heightened exponentially! I never have to wait! The full evaluation provided as an MDVIP patient explores many areas of health, establishing a baseline. Having someone who monitors and watches this carefully is worth a lot! I want to thank Dr. O'Neal for his excellent care and oversight!

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J. Drew O'Neal, MD

Janet, VA Mar 11, 2016

I have been a patient for 20+ years and have always been happy with the care Dr. O'Neal has provided. Since becoming an MDVIP patient I have never had to sit down in the waiting room. Have seen the doctor within 10 minutes. Very satisfied with care provided.

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J. Drew O'Neal, MD

Martha, VA Nov 23, 2015

Just started the MDVIP program but I have been with Dr. O'neal for over 20 years. I did not want to lose him so when he went into the MDVIP program I tagged along. I will let you know later if it is worth the extta $1500.

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J. Drew O'Neal, MD

Regina, VA Jul 28, 2015

Dr. O'neal has always been outstanding doctor whom has taking excellent care since I been his patient. Dr. O'neal has always been personal and caring doctor whom explains your medical issues to your understanding and provide answers and medical treatment to give you highest quality of mental and physical life. My experience with Dr. O'neal, you are always greeted with handshake and smile. You know leaveing his office his expert medical knowledge you on the way to a long heathier future. How do I rate my doctor? (105) Thank You!!

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