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Chun Hong, MD, PhD

Pat, VA Mar 18, 2016

Always appreciate the care and concern shown by you, Julie and all of your staff. Thanks for taking care of me!

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Chun Hong, MD, PhD

Margery, VA Feb 21, 2015

Dr. Chun Hong is very caring and explains everything in all areas of my care!

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Chun Hong, MD, PhD

Justin, VA Feb 12, 2015

We're new members to MDVIP and Dr. Hong, but have loved the experience so far. In our early visits, we spent more time with Dr. Hong himself than the combined total time on appoints over the previous ten years. He sat and discussed our needs, desires, and what we were trying to do. He didn't rush - its apparent that his goal is our health, not the next appointment to make a quota as in most practices. I just went through the wellness program and received my results, and have started to work on improving my health. The ability to work with my doctor regularly, and check up on the progress that specific changes make in my markers is very useful and inspiring. When my wife was in the hospital for an extended period, Dr. Hong came in to check on her and check her chart EVERY DAY. He reviewed the charts, and facilitated changes in orders much more quickly than the hospitalist. If we needed a different medication - all it took was a text, and 2 minutes later you'd hear the call to the nurses station to make it so. It was so nice not to feel like you're on hospital time where two minute actions take 3 hours.

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