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Jeffrey C. Schmidlein, MD

Steve, MD Mar 10, 2016

Been a patient with Jeff since 1988..he is the best..I am so fortunate to have made his acquaintance. .I am not looking forward to finding another to administer my health needs when Jeff gets to his retirement destination..which he absolutely deserves along with his lovely wife and great staff who them always gone above and beyond to assist me with my every need...GOD bless them all....

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Jeffrey C. Schmidlein, MD

Fred E, MD Mar 4, 2016

Dr. Schmidlein has been my primary physician for over 20 years.

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Jeffrey C. Schmidlein, MD

Paul, MD Aug 21, 2015

Dr. Schmidlein and our family have enjoyed a long relationship in our health management. He is very focused in his approach to our care and to diagnosing our needs. I had a very serious issue (brain tumor) arise and he managed all the coordination with specialists and pre-operative screenings: 32 days later and it was removed. Another example: under MDVIP he was informed of an accident we suffered while out-of-state. I was quite surprised to have my cell phone ring the next day and find Dr. Schmidlein on the phone asking me what was happening. He is engaged and reachable.

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Jeffrey C. Schmidlein, MD

Donna, MD Mar 28, 2015

Rarely do I need Dr. Schmidlein, but when I have an issue, he is wonderful! Dr. Schmidlein takes ample time to listen to my concerns and conduct the necessary exams to diagnose my problem. Once he was so concerned about my symptoms that he tried to locate a facility that would perform the tests I needed on the weekend. He even phoned me at home in the evening to check on me. When the letter came inviting me to join him in the MDVIP program, I instantly phoned and signed up. I do not want to lose Dr. Schmidlein! He has a terrific sense of humor and great bedside manner. Thank you, Doc.

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