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Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

Carol, GA Mar 30, 2017

I believe it was a God thing when Dr. Pearson decided to transition her practice to MDVIP how many years ago? Regardless, I had 2 other female internists go private and decided I wanted to keep this doctor, so I signed up. A couple of years later, I got a breast cancer diagnosis. What a blessing that I had a healthcare quarterback to help me navigate that process, build my team of docs, decide on treatment and still today, work on a healthy lifestyle focused on prevention of a recurrence. What a blessing Dr. Pearson and her staff have been in my life!!

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Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

Lee, GA Mar 28, 2017

Dr. Pearson and her staff have been walking every step of the way this past year and 1/2 as we struggle to find what auto immune disease I have that has affected my muscles. Dr. Pearson and her awesome staff are always available to help and answer any questions my husband and I have. How can I give up when I have a Dr. and her staff who is not giving up. I walk into the office and greeted as family. I know I'm truly blessed to have found Dr. Pearson 11 years ago when we moved to GA.

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Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

Brian Nov 13, 2016

I've been a patient of Dr. Pearson since 2007. When she announced she was moving to MDVIP, I was uncertain about the change and if the value of the program would justify its cost. Yet, given my family history and the trust I had in her, I felt it was worth a shot. This spring, I began having abnormal symptoms that prompted conversations and tests when I went in for my regular appointment. Dr. Pearson personally monitored the test results and directed me to the attention of appropriate specialists over the next several months. My care culminated in a surgical procedure where, among other things, a tumor was found and removed. I am convinced that the personal care and attention I have received from Dr. Pearson, my physician whom I know and trust, has saved my life. Without her participation in MDVIP this would not have been possible. Whatever doubts I may have had about MDVIP's value for the cost have been completely erased. I am so grateful for this service and for the care, expertise and friendship I am able to have with Dr. Pearson. Thank you, MDVIP!

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Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

Lee Aug 12, 2016

I really don't know where I would be today if it wasn't for Dr. Pearson and her staff. I have been recently been diagnosed with an Auto Immune disease and if it wasn't for Dr. Pearson who continued researching and then sending me to the right specialist who also continued researching. Dr. Pearson cares about her patients and always has time for you. I've never been rushed and can talk to her about anything. All Smiles in her office. I had my pre physical testing today and I'm looking forward to reviewing all the results with Dr. Pearson in a couple of weeks. So glad to be part of MDVIP...

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Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

Kathy, GA Mar 10, 2016

Dr Pearson started me on a medication that has truly changed my life. She is extremely caring and more importantly knowledgeable.

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Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

Rebecca Jan 20, 2016

Dr. Jacqueline Pearson is an amazing physician and person. She is dedicated, thorough, caring, compassionate and so knowledgeable medically. I was frustrated when my primary doctor (of 20+ years) quit taking insurance altogether and I was passed off from one doctor to another. I was handed to Dr. Pearson a few years ago - the first time I saw her, she had already read my extensive chart and was ready with questions. Unheard of! She so obviously cares about the entire person, not just a specific issue. I have stayed with her ever since. Since then Dr. Pearson joined MDVIP (just 9 months ago). If she thought it worthy, then so did I. It has been amazing. Appointments have all been on the same day requested and her staff is quick, friendly and professional (thanks April, Megan, Joy and Stephanie!!). Dr. Pearson has taken the time to know me well, has diagnosed something (due to the more extensive MDVIP tests) which has probably been with me a while but easily fixed, saved me an emergency room visit with one phone call (keeping an episode from turning into an event) and WE are now on the road to wellness with nutrition, exercise and regular diagnostics. As for the MDVIP cost, I have recouped the money at least twice over (in under a year!) with preventive care, ready access to Dr. Pearson and more extensive testing. She cares so much and that makes me care even more. I now truly focus on becoming healthier (I just started 1 month of no refined sugar I had absolutely no idea how much I was really ingesting), exercising more regularly and keeping stress in check. I dont just feel, but KNOW Dr. Pearson is with me every step of the way. She keeps tabs on how Im doing on a consistent basis which not only holds me accountable, but is encouraging. Frankly, I am not sure when Dr. Pearson sleeps or has family time. But she must because her family has been to events to support her and you can tell how close they are. That actually means something to her patients, as well, because she takes care of herself and practices what she preaches!! While I consider her a friend, it often feels that I am her only patient. She recently had a reception for all her charges - many came and there were only accolades and thanks for her. Several shared their stories and it was obvious I was NOT her only patient!! So to sum this up, Dr. Pearson is priceless, MDVIP is everything they claim to be, I couldnt be happier and I will soon be healthier!

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