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Nancy, AL Feb 12, 2015

I had an automobile accident when I was visiting in the Phoenix area last year. I did not go to the emergency room, but contacted Dr. Stolzberg the next day. My doctor in Alabama, Dr. Allan Butler, sent everything they needed and they got me in right away. They sent me for x-rays on my chest and provided a prescription for pain medication. The next day they asked me to come back in and told me that my sternum was fractured. The doctor had conferred with experts to discuss treatment options and sent me to get an MRI with contrast on my chest cavity. The staff escorted me to the lab and walked my results to the hospital. They made all the arrangements, and I just walked in to the hospital the next day and was seen right away. Dr. Stolzberg called me right away with the results and cleared me to drive home to Alabama. Wonderful care.

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Heather, AZ Feb 7, 2015

We have been under Dr. Stolzberg's care for at least 15 years. His compassion is ongoing. We appreciate that he takes the time, while we are in the office to check on medications that could possibly help some very urgent situations. The fact that we are treated so well, not like just another number, is wonderful. We don't want to lose him. He is a treasure.

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Georgina, AZ Feb 24, 2014

It all started 17 years ago. I meet the most wonderful doctor in the world. Dr. Stolzberg is not only my dr. he is like a friend. I can talk to him about anything. His staff is amazing and very professional. The fact that I can call and get into see Dr. Stolzberg on the same day is the best. I have access to his cell number and a few months ago I was in so much pain that he meet me and my husband at his office on a Saturday afternoon. I just wish everyone could have a doctor like my doctor. There would be a lot more happy and healthy people in this world.. Dr. Stolzber you are the very best. Thank you for all you give and do..

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Bonnie, AZ Feb 24, 2014

My husband and I were patients of Dr Stolzberg for several years before he joined MDVIP. When he made the change we felt at that time that we could not afford the fee and we left his practice. For 3 years and through several doctors I was never happy and finally decided we had to return to Dr Stolzberg. We, along with my mother are now happily back where we belong. Both my husband and my mom have multiple health issues and it has been so wonderful to be able to call the doctor at any time for much needed help, answers.and sometimes just for much needed comforting. Don't want to ever leave the practice again!!

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Patricia, AZ Feb 24, 2014

I'm sure that my husband and I could find many stories to tell during the past 14+ years that we've been patients of Dr. Stolzberg. But most of all we would like to thank him just for always being there when we needed him. That has been of primary importance to us.

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Mary Ann, AZ Feb 22, 2014

My husband and I are relatively new patients of Dr. Stolzberg, having relocated to Sun City, AZ, from Cleveland, OH. We had been conditioned to The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital Systems approach to patient care, where doctors are pressured to see a maximum number of patients, allowing only 10-15 minutes face-time with patients and relying on test results to know their patients. What a wonderful, satisfying experience in becoming Dr. Stolzberg's patients, where we never feel rushed through his office. Dr. Stolzberg takes the time to get to know his patients' personalities; we definitely think Dr. Stolzberg cares about us, not just thinking of us in terms of blood tests, MRI's, etc. Something we will never forget illustrates how much we appreciate being Dr. Stolzberg's patients: In Jan 2012, my husband had a serious medical emergency which could have had severe health consequences or, worst case, death. I was 2200 miles away, in Ohio, and had met Dr. Stolzberg only briefly. After my husband's condition was diagnosed and treatment started, in several phone calls (totaling about 1/2 hour's time) Dr. Stolzberg patiently and assuringly explained the situation. In our opinion, Dr. Stolzberg is the BEST!!

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Margherita, AZ Feb 20, 2014

Trust, along with a good dose of common sense makes Dr. Stolzberg the perfect physician for us.

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Linda, AZ Feb 20, 2014

I have been a patient of dr Stolzberg for many many years and am so glad he and his staff are a part of my life. He's the best listener and always concerned about what I have to say. In the spring of 2004 I was having difficulty hearing out of my left ear. Being the concerned professional that he is, instead of telling me it is expected to have hearing loss at the age of 64, he immediately sent me to a specialist for further evaluations. His suggestion and referral probably saved my life. It turned out, I had a tumor on my brain stem which was affecting my hearing. Without his help and professionalism, a lot more damage would have occurred and maybe my life lost. Ten year later, I'm doing great and living life to the fullest. As you can see by the attached photo, my disability hasn't slowed me down a bit! Maybe a little but crazy, but I've been that way all my life!!!! Thank you dr. Stolzberg for being such a wonderful, caring and concerned doctor. Both my husband and I were very fortunate to find you many years ago.

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Bill, AZ Feb 19, 2014

I have been going to Dr. Stolzberg for many years. The ability for his office to get me in the same day, then to have him take the time to actually talk and help is outstanding. He actually knows me, what a difference that makes. Recently my four year old son had gotten very sick. He had seen many doctors and remained ill. I then contacted my doctor who took the time to evaluate, test, and recommend a solution. It was with his recommendation, my little boy was able to seek out the proper help. Dr Stolzberg even contacted my sons follow-up doctor with his evaluation. After several weeks of visiting different doctors and my son getting worse, my son was on the road to recovery in only a few days after seeing Dr Stolzberg.

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Jerry, AZ Feb 17, 2014

I have multiple medical problems, complex issues. Dr. Stolzberg has given me the time and care that I need. He somehow makes me feel better no matter what. He communicates frequently with my specialists. I would not be here today if not for him

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Larry, AZ Feb 10, 2014

I would like to commend Dr. Sltolzberg on checking in on me in the hospital on Christmas day, a really enjoyable treat.

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Jennifer, AZ Feb 9, 2014

Dr. Stolzberg has been our family physician for as long as I remember, and while there have been periods where I've deviated from his care, I've always found my way back. From a young age, he's instilled in me what I should expect from a medical provider and while never in a harsh way, made sure I understood it was my responsibility to understand my health and be comfortable with the treatment provided. There is nothing I don't feel comfortable telling Dr. Stolzberg or a health concern that I feel he would ever take lightly or brush off. I honestly feel that I can rest easy knowing that he is guiding my care and if there is anything I need to be concerned with or have put at ease, he will take the time to explain to me all of my options ensuring I'm comfortable with our treatment plan. In this new world of medicine and health care reform we're all trying to navigate through, it's sadly more rare then not to encounter a doctor who can and will take the time to address all of a patients concerns. I've been a patient of Dr. Stolzberg's for over 10 years and can honestly say the way he treated patients then has not changed, only the medicine, technology, and experiences he's gained have enhanced an already compassionate doctor. Rejoining Dr. Stolzberg's practice in the fall of 2013 was the first time I came back to his care as a parent. Now, more then ever, my health is of the upmost importance to me as it's not just myself that it effects, but also my young child's. I don't think I could be any more confident in the physician I've chosen to direct my care, nor do I think there's anyone else who could do a better job managing my care.

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