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Cathey jo, MI Feb 6, 2015

Dr. Miller saved my life. I had a cervical fusion in July of 2014 and a drill went through my esophagus My surgeon did not take the proper steps and I almost died. After 17 days with no nutrition because I was on nothing by mouth dr miller stepped in and took over my care. Very few people live through this type of injury. Dr Miller brought in a team of experts and finally I stRted to improve. I remember telling Dr Miller I knew I wS dying and with a smile on his face and holding my hand he said with great live not on my watch. I knew than I would make it. Six month later I am still on IV antibotics and Dr Miller stays on top of all doctor reports, talking to each one of them and especially follows all treatments I must now receive. He is a very loving, kind, compassionate human being let alone the excellent care I receive as his patient. I am alive because of him and am very blessed he is my physician

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Robert Granville, MI Feb 20, 2014

Some years back I called for an appointment with Bruce and to my chagrin, the assistant said I was not on their patient list. As I had been a patient for many years she slipped me in under the wire , so to speak. The convenience of shorter lead times and more time with Dr.Bruce Miller aleays make me feel that I have been well served.

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Robert & Katheryn, MI Feb 19, 2014

Our experience with Dr. Miller has been nothing but excellent. He always takes the time to listen to our symptoms and concerns, and helps us to understand the treatments available. Unlike some doctors, he doesnt use medication or referrals to a specialist as a substitute for good personal patient care. His staff is also very friendly and helpful. (Robert) I have been Dr. Millers patient since the 1990s, and have always received excellent care. (Katheryn) I moved down here from Owosso Mi. and became Dr. Millers Patient four years ago, when Robert and I married. In all my life I had never had such excellent care until Dr. Miller! He is very caring and sincere. Bob and I feel so comfortable with Dr. Miller!

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Mark, MI Feb 7, 2014

Dr. Miller is by far the best MD I have ever had. I can call and get a quick response from the office, and when I need to see him , I can usually get in the same day. He also does a thorough exam yearly and addresses all of my current and potential health risks. What can I say!! He's the Best.

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Cathey Jo, MI Feb 6, 2014

This is the third time I have shared what a wonderful physician Dr. Miller is. He has saved my life and my ability to live a normal life. After over 20 surgeries from a car accident, he makes sure I have the best care from specialist as well as himself. He has created a team of physicians that keep me living a full life. Dr. Miller over sees everything. Surgeries, treatments, medicines prescribed by all my physicians. I trust him with my life and am very grateful that God him in my life. Thank you Dr. Miller for taking such good care of me. You are a wonderful physician and person

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Cathey Jo Nov 20, 2013

Dr. Bruce K Miller is a blessing in my life. I am moving, walking and living my life to the fullest that I can because of him. He listens, is always available and if he isn't than Dr. Florek is. I always know I am getting the best care and it a relief and eliminates fear. If it wasn't for Dr. Miller I probably would not be walking today from a back injury from a car accident. He sent me to the best surgeons and all through the four back surgeries Dr. Miller was by my side, at the hospital and home if necessary. I am very grateful he is an MDVIP because he has time to spend with us as patients. He is a wonderful, fantastic physician as well as a blessing to all of us.

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Cathey Jo Jan 25, 2012

I am blessed to have Dr. Mille as My Physican Last year I had to have a lumbar fusion. before the fusion i was in the care of a pain clinic, having injections. I even had to go to emergency at the hospital because the pain was so acute I was doubled over and could not move my left leg. I could not get anyone to help me. The pain clinic and hospital gave me medicine and sent me home. I finally called Dr. Miller late in the evening. He heard something in my voice that he did not like and knew something was the matter. He acutally came to my home to see me. Looked at my leg, and how much pain I was in and saw that I could not strighten up. Within twelve hours I was in his surgeons office that his family goes to and in the hospital being prepared for surgery. He took care of me the entire time in the hospital and is still the head Dr. watching over all treatments and medications. I am getting ready for another fusion and Dr. Miller again told me that he would be with me all the way. I do not have to go thorugh this by myself. I am so grateful for my Dr. patient relationship. The greatest gift he give to us as patients is he LISTENS and he loves what he does. It is so evnident that he cares about all of us. Dr. Miller congratulations. God put you into my life as my physican in 1991.You have gone thrrough 15 surgeries with me. I am very greatful and know that God has blessed all of us who are your patients. You are a gift and have been given a wondeful gift from God to do what you do with love and patience. I know I am standing on my two legs, walking, breathing, moving, driving and enjoying life even with its limitations because you are my Doctor. I humbly Thank YOU

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Christina Jan 25, 2012

Dr. Miller has always been very attentive to my health and my needs. He's terrific!

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John Jan 25, 2012

I really can't ask for more. Bruce is always there for me..proactively.

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