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Richard, OH Feb 6, 2015

I started with Dr. Craig 19 years ago while in the hospital with life threating problems. While waiting for five or six hours without any response from any of my Doctors. I fired them and Dr. Craig was called by the hospital. He was wonderful then and has never let me down since. I consider him family and am so lucky to have been introduced to him. I am unable to say enough him. Thank you Dr Craig for being my Dr.

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Liz and Bill, OH Mar 19, 2014

Thank you for having the courage to take us on.

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Karen, KY Mar 18, 2014

Woke up this morning to find my computer has been hacked so I'll share no details except to say that Dr. Jeffrey Craig has more than exceeded my expectations as a medical professional.

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Susanne, OH Mar 3, 2014

Dr. Jeff Craig is a fantastic doctor and human being. I met with him one day after I was diagnosed with cancer and he was such a comfort. He provided me with the information and support I needed to make excellent decisions. I have been cancer-free for over 2 years. Dr. Craig is there when I need him. It is difficult living with the fear of reoccurence, but having the best primary care physician on my side makes it easier. Thank you!

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Oakie, OH Feb 25, 2014

Dr.Craig is not only a well respected In the Cincinnati Ohio area but I and my wife Marilyn have found him to be a fine human being. He is always willing to listen and give you his undivided attention any hour of the night or day. He is genuinely concerned and also has a great sense of humor.

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Joan, OH Feb 21, 2014

Dr Craig, Bob and are so thankful that you were recommended to us as our family doctor. You have been so aggressive when finding any issues which could cause us health concerns; you are knowledgeable about everything we ask you; you have kept us informed and healthy. We have been particularly been so thankful two specific times when we were able to talk to you and get advice...once when we were in England after Christmas when Bob became very ill; you don't know what a relief it was to have gotten to you Dec 27th as you were probably about to leave for the day when I called and you were able to advise us on what to do as far as his terrible bronchial cough; we had an old ZPAK but we didn't know if we could give it to him but you told us we could give him that but have him stop taking one of his other medications; he improved within hours of starting that ZPAK. We were so fortunate we had that. The other time was when you were at a Christmas party and I was at the emergency room at Mercy Anderson with Bob who had fallen down the steps and cut his scalp pretty badly and we did not know what to do abt some procedure they wanted to do and you mollified our fears and said to go ahead which we did. So, two different interruptions at Christmas! Fortunately, this past Christmas, we were ok. You do rank high in our books! And we hope you can continue to provide our care for many years. Thank you so much.

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Linda, KY Feb 19, 2014

Wow, I'm not sure where to begin.My journey w/ Dr Craig starts back in the early 1990's when I first started going to him, even then he always took as much time as needed to explain everything and answer questions. When Dr.Craig went to MDVIP I did not sign up right away but a year later after not much success in finding a doctor I had confidence in.My health has always been good,then after some emergency testing it was discovered I had a tumor (mixoma) inside my heart. Everything was turned over to Dr Craig, he set up my doctors and doctor appointments w/ Ohio Heart - he also set up my heart surgeon-everything went accordingly with great success when surgery time came- but a few things stand out for me. I remember the day before my surgery I was scared Dr Craig called me at home to reassure me, did I have any questions, he had gone over the procedure with the heart surgeon and wanted me to know everything was going to be ok. he also came to see me in the hospital. As a patient of Dr Craig's I know when I see him I will get answers- he listens to me about my own body. He always ask about my husband and family. He is a caring Doctor and a Special man. Thank you for letting me say it.

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Jeff, KY Feb 18, 2014

Dr. Craig has been very involved in my health as well as all other aspects of healthy living. He is always available and always talks to you like you were his only patient. I am physically much better off with Dr. Craig and having him as my Doctor is one of the best decisions I have made.

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Michael, OH Feb 18, 2014

Dr. Craig combines professionalism with a true sense that he personally care about you. I have enjoyed my first year under his care. I feel he is extremely responsive to my present illnesses as well as looking forward to managing my health in the future. Jeff is a great person and I feel very blessed to be under his care. Thanks Dr. Craig

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Karen, OH Feb 12, 2014

The morning after they found the mass in my abdomen, you were there bright and early to reassure me. You were there every day to reassure us as we tried to figure out what it was. And, you coordinated all my care with a great team of doctors from the hospitalist, surgeon and oncologist. I can't express in words what that meant to me. God bless you.

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Dolores, OH Feb 12, 2014

Dr. Jeffrey Craig is a Gem! He took time out of his busy schedule to make a home visit when my husband was on Hospice, a day before he passed away. I so appreciate him for coming to our home then. It was above and beyond the call of duty. As the saying goes, People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Dr. Craig cared! Thank you Dr. Craig!

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Mary Jo, KY Feb 11, 2014

Dr. Jeffrey Craig is pleasant and caring. He makes me, the patient, feel very comfortable sharing every health issue I may have as old age keeps TRYING to creep up on me! He smiles, listens, and he offers advice, his professional opinion. Dr. Craig is knowledgable, experienced, and explains all health issues in detail. He is thoughtful, respectful, kind, but honest about one's health. Dr. Jeffrey Craig is someone to be trusted, and honored as an excellent professional to have as one's doctor! Thank you, Dr. Craig, for being who you are!!!

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