MDVIP is a personalized healthcare program that empowers people to reach their health and wellness goals through in-depth knowledge, expertise and one-on-one coaching with some of the finest primary care doctors in America. With memberships that average $1,800 per year (prices vary based on location), you become one of a few exclusive patients who receive the highest levels of personalized care to help transform your life into a healthier one.

Our unique approach to healthcare is proactive, instead of reactive. Unlike a traditional primary care practice, your MDVIP-affiliated doctor will take the extra time to get to know you, your lifestyle and your current health through consultations, comprehensive screenings and advanced testing.

He or she can then offer you a carefully thought out wellness plan tailored to meet your unique needs, while also helping you manage acute or chronic medical needs as they arise. Your MDVIP-affiliated doctor will get to know you as a whole person, rather than as a faceless name on a chart.


Select Your Physician

Experience personalized, primary care from a dedicated MDVIP-affiliated doctor who understands you and your health needs. Beginning with your first office visit, your doctor will go above and beyond to provide care that knows no limitations. To start your MDVIP membership and find the perfect doctor, search by doctor's name or geographical area in the form fields below.

Insurance and Medicare

To suit the unique needs of each MDVIP member, our program is compatible with Medicare and most insurance plans. An MDVIP membership supplements traditional insurance by emphasizing preventive measures and proactive care to keep you healthy and happy. Our customer service experts will help answer any questions you may have regarding your insurance or membership cost. Call 1-866-948-6357 to learn more.

Wellness Program

You and your MDVIP-affiliated doctor will form a partnership focused on better health and overall well-being that starts at day one. Working side-by-side, you will develop a comprehensive Wellness Plan made just for you. Taking key health factors and lifestyle habits into consideration, your personal Wellness Plan will help accomplish specific goals and live your best and healthiest life every day.

MDVIP Connect

Our goal is to provide convenience so that you can go about your life as planned. Using the latest technology, MDVIP Connect brings expert advice, round the clock secure messaging, medical records, customized nutrition plans and Health Assessments together in one personalized site. This intuitive platform makes managing your health simple and empowering, letting you focus on living a vibrant life.

Our Wellness & Prevention Model

  • We believe in extended appointments with your doctor, allowing you the time to partner on a personalized wellness plan designed to meet your unique health needs.

  • We accommodate same-day or next-day appointments that will last as long as necessary to talk through all your concerns.
  • We provide all members with an online Personal Health Record, allowing you easy access to your health information.

  • Our doctors are available 24/7 to quickly answer your questions or respond to your concerns.
  • We offer expedited referrals to specialists from the Medical Centers of Excellence network of institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and more.
  • Our Travel Advantages program allows you to visit any other MDVIP-affiliated doctor across the United States for urgent needs.