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Basil Griffin, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

While serving 6 years as a USAF flight surgeon, I developed a strong desire to keep healthy people healthy. Aerospace medicine involves putting healthy people into often very unhealthy environments to complete a mission. This mission was saving the lives of other Americans. While my patients at that time were mostly young and highly motivated to stay healthy, the concept of preventive medicine was ingrained in me and applies to patients of all ages. 

Since I have been practicing medicine privately in Deer Park for the last 15 years, I have seen our medical system move further and further away from a preventive medicine focus. 

I passionately believe that prevention is the key to a long and healthy life, which is why I felt it was important to evolve my practice into one that is truly focused on prevention. By affiliating with MDVIP, I am now able to provide not only the care that I was trained to provide, but provide the care that I know will help my patients stay healthy longer so they can get the most out of life.  

To put the value and importance of prevention into perspective, think about this: No one thinks twice about routine preventive maintenance on your car, house or plane – but the human body and mind need similar attention too. Preventive medicine focuses on keeping the human body healthy, not waiting for things to break and then trying to salvage what’s left. Unlike your car or house, we cannot always repair or replace what is damaged in the body and that deficit can stay with you forever. Heart disease, strokes, diabetes, hypertension and heart failure don’t just kill people, but more importantly ruin people’s quality of life. Through my MDVIP-affiliated practice and the Annual Wellness Exam I provide to each patient, I will be able to help patients identify their risk for these life changing diseases so that we can prevent them from starting in the first place.  

Preventive medicine is important. It improves patients’ lives and helps them live longer. 

I welcome anyone that agrees with me to join my MDVIP-affiliated practice so together we can prevent disease from controlling your life. Of course, I will still tend to acute issues, but now I will also be able to focus on prevention, while still providing you the level of care you deserve, in an unrushed, individualized, patient-centric environment.  


 It is important, now more than ever, to have a primary care doctor who has the time and resources to care for you personally and proactively. Watch this video to hear more.

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Dr. Griffin's Credentials

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Spartanburg Regional Hospital 
Spartanburg, SC
Family Medicine 1998-1999

Anderson Area Medical Center
Anderson, SC
Family Medicine 1999-2002

Medical School:
St. George's University Medical School
Grenada, West Indies

St. George's University
Great River, NY
Doctorate of Medicine 1998

College of Charleston
Charleston, SC
Bachelor of Science, Psychology 1991

American Board of Family Medicine
Providence Holy Family Hospital
Spartanburg Regional Hospital
International Medical Honor Society
United States Airforce, Maxwell Air Force Base 2002-2005
Top Flight Surgeon, United States Air Force, Eielson AFB 2005-2008
Distinguished Grad Service Medal for Patient Care in Hostile Environment, Officer Training
Distinguished Grad Service Medal for Patient Care in Hostile Environment, Flight Surgery 
Flight Surgery Distinguished Grad Service Medal for Patient Care in Hostile Environment, Combat Casualty Care Course
Medical Base, Bagram Air Force Base, Afghanistan 2006