John R. Schroder, MD

Internal Medicine
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Balance and Moderation

I learned a great deal about healthy living and wellness from my grandfather who lived to be 92 years old and was lucky enough to stay in his own home until he passed. One of his old adages was "Keep everything in balance, and live with moderation." I have tried to achieve this in my own life and translate that philosophy to my primary care medical practice. As an internal medicine physician, I value the partnerships I build with my patients. These personal relationships add an element beyond basic concierge medicine that support my patients throughout the year inside and outside of the exam room.

Personal Discussions

As a private doctor, I am committed to keeping my patients updated on the very latest health information and preventive screenings. Disease prevention and healthy living are promoted through individual discussions regarding the “gray areas” where decision making is not clearly supported by medical literature and data. In these situations, I draw upon my experience serving in a medical leadership position at The Christ Hospital Health Network in Cincinnati, Ohio. The MDVIP Wellness Program helps me proactively concentrate on all areas of health, including heart and bone health, diabetes prevention, stress, nutrition, sleep, fitness and more.

Prompt Communication

I value the uniqueness of each of my patients. I consider myself very fortunate to practice in a personalized healthcare setting where we have time to explore important nuances regarding individual healthcare decisions. Prompt attention to health issues and ease of communication can make a big difference for peace of mind - not only to the patient, but also to their family members.

Dr. Schroder's Credentials

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The Christ Hospital
Cincinnati, OH
Internal Medicine 1987-1990

Medical School:
The University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH
Doctorate of Medicine 1987

Xavier University
Cincinnati, OH
Master's of Hospital and Health Administration 1992-1994

College of The Holy Cross
Worchester, MA
Bachelor of Arts 1983

American Board of Internal Medicine
The Christ Hospital Health Network
Program Director, Internal Medicine
Residency Program, The Christ Hosptial 2005-2015
Cincinnati Society of Internal Medicine, President 2001-2002
American College of Physicians
Biking, running, hiking
Wife: Mamie
Children: Fritz, Emmy, Jack & Lucy
from gerard March 21, 2017 for John R. Schroder, MD

Dr. Schroder has been great. He has been very proactive and helpful and is an extremely good and caring person as well which really means a lot from a patient perspective.
His availability during evening and weekend hours in times of need is also greatly appreciated.

from Lloyd in OH February 7, 2015 for John R. Schroder, MD

I have been blessed with good health and credit the fine care I have received from my doctor and the the care of previous doctors. Dr. Schroder has given me great care and encouraged me to be aware of my personal health.

from Roger in OH February 23, 2014 for John R. Schroder, MD

Doctor John R. Schroeder changed my life, and likely increased it, by helping me recognize how to improve my health and quality of life. A few years ago, during my first physical as Dr. Schroeder's patient, he identified some concerning risk factor numbers relative to pre-diabetes, cholesterol, so forth. I'm over 50 and a bit of a gym rat, so I thought a few excess pounds were… See more

from Traci & Bill in OH February 15, 2014 for John R. Schroder, MD

Dr. John Schroder is an asset to our health care management. From quick responses to solid insight, he has expedited our care and made a difference. Can't imagine managing our healthcare needs without him.

from Ruth in OH February 14, 2014 for John R. Schroder, MD

A day before I was scheduled to leave town for a month in FL which included a cruise, I came down with a terrible sinus infection. While my husband had his physical and appointments with Dr. Schroder, I had yet to schedule mine. My husband had an appointment that day and when I called the office, Dr. Schroder allowed me to be included in my husband's appointment. He diagnosed and… See more

from Tom in OH February 12, 2014 for John R. Schroder, MD

I have an annual bout with bronchitis and one year it was significantly worse than usual. I was flat on my back in bed and called Dr. John hoping he would let me drag myself in for an appointment sometime in the not to distant future. (I had been with MDVIP about a year at this time and had yet to put the concierge concept to the test. To my amazement he answered on the first ring and listened… See more

from Anne in OH February 11, 2014 for John R. Schroder, MD

Dear Dr. Schroder,

Just a word of appreciation to you for your understanding patience and encouragement as we try to solve The Case of the Ever-Swollen Kneecap!

from Nancy in OH February 6, 2014 for John R. Schroder, MD

John, I have known you since you were in high school,college and med school also your wedding. I forgot, your plaid pants!!! And since then to have you as my doctor has been a blessing, and to have the confidence I always have had in you. Just stay in business as long as I am alive. don't want to change at my advanced age.

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year