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Family Medicine
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Jonathan Rosaasen, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

When I started medical school twenty years ago, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had an idealistic view of how the system should be and what my role in it would be as a primary care physician. Initially, I worked for a large HMO group and then a government run facility. Volume was often the goal over quality. 

When the opportunity of private practice presented itself ten years ago, I jumped on it. I needed to spend time with my patients, get to know them and find out what is important to them. I needed the time to develop a relationship. Private practice provided for that type of personalized healthcare, but as my practice has grown, it has become more difficult to give each patient the time and attention that they deserve. When looking for a solution to the problem of volume driven medicine, I decided to partner with MDVIP. In my MDVIP-affiliated practice, l will keep me up to date with the latest advances in medicine and have the time to better address the healthcare goals of my patients. 

I am excited about this new stage in my practice. I am working with each patient to create health goals specific to their needs and motivate them through frequent contact and availability. I will work together with each patient on current trends, guidelines and research while helping them choose their ideal path towards a healthy and fulfilling life. Emphasis on prevention and lifestyle modification will always come before medications. Weight loss and control, general health through diet and proper nutrition, exercise and mental wellness are my key focus for my patients to achieve better health. My MDVIP-affiliated practice, often compared to a concierge medicine practice, also offers conveniences like same- or next-day appointments. I look forward to getting to know each of my patients better and advocating for them. My practice serves Ventura County and is located close to Moorpark, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village. I am affiliated with Simi Valley Hospital and Los Robles Hospital. I maintain board certification in Family Medicine.


Dr. Rosaasen's Credentials

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Kaiser Riverside
Riverside, CA
Family Medicine 2003-2005

Kaiser Riverside
Riverside, CA

Medical School:
Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Loma Linda, CA
Doctorate of Medicine 2002

American Board of Family Medicine
Simi Valley Hospital
Los Robles Hospital
President and Medical Director, Moorpark Family Medicine, Inc. 2008-2017
Vice President and Medical Director, Superior Physical Medicine, Inc. 2010-2017
President and Medical Director, Rosaasen Family Medicine, Inc. 2013-present
Physician Consultant, SteadyMD 2016-present

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Rosaasen

from Yolanda in CA March 12, 2024 for Jonathan Rosaasen, MD

Ever since the first time we entered Dr Rosaasen’s medical office we felt welcomed. My husband had pancreatic cancer and both of them cared for my husband, as well as myself. After my husband died, their care for me was unwavering and helped me get through the most difficult time of my life. Dr Rosaasen cared for me physically and mentally. Without Dr Rosaasen knowing me so well, I don’t… See more

from Helena in CA March 12, 2020 for Jonathan Rosaasen, MD
Image provided by: Helena

Last September, I thought my husband was having a stroke so took him to ER. Was able to contact Dr. Rosaasen to let him know what was happening. My husband had a CT scan where the ER doctor saw something else and wanted an MRI. My husband had a seizure (which does not go along with a stroke). Dr. Rosaasen and I were in constant contact, so I did not feel overwhelmed and alone. Having someone… See more

from Jilll in NV March 11, 2020 for Jonathan Rosaasen, MD

As someone with an encyclopedia of health challenges (A-Z) this professional Physician has extended his help to me in many ways: by phone, by fax or email and has added flexibility since I have moved out of California to Nevada.

I would recommend Dr. Rosaasen to anyone who needs that special relationship with someone prepared to go the extra mile. So, so very rare in this day and age.… See more