Thomas G. Serio, MD

Family Medicine
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Thomas G. Serio, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

"Patients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care." I have never forgotten the message shared with me by an esteemed Professor during my first year of medical school many years ago. The thought of being a caring physician rather than strictly a clinician immediately struck a chord with me. This ideal has continued to serve as my core value when working together with my patients. Throughout my career as a Family Physician, I have enjoyed getting to know my patients, listening to their personal histories, and learning their individual concerns. In addition to diagnosis and treatment, my role is to educate, coach, and support my patients through the full spectrum of their personalized care. I look forward to working with you in the MDVIP program to promote your health and wellness. I am the MD, yet you are clearly the VIP!

Dr. Serio's Credentials

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Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Family Practice Residency Program
Tallahassee, FL

Medical School:
Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC
Doctorate of Medicine 1993

Duke University
Durham, NC
Master of Healthcare Administration 1984

University of Notre Dame
South Bend, IN
Bachelor of Science, Pre-Professional Studies 1982

University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
Bachelor of Science, Zoology 1987

Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare
Capital Regional Medical Center
Florida Academy of Family Physicians
- Medical Education Committee 1997-1999
- Resident Director 1995-1996
American Academy of Family Physicians
- Leadership Award 1993
- Membership Award 1991
Student Director, North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians 1992
President, Family Practice Interest Group, Bowman Gray school of Medicine, Wake Forest University 1991-1992
Florida State University
- Assistant Professor, College of Medicine 1997-present
- Assistant Director for Clinical Affairs, Program in Medical Sciences 1994-1997
Co-Chief Resident, Family Practice Residency Program, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital 1995-1996
Student Teaching Assistant, Tutor, Proofreader, Duke University 1982-1984
Student Teaching Assistant, Journal Article Author, University of Notre Dame 1981-1982
American Academy of Family Physicians
Florida Academy of Family Physicians

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Serio

from Lynn in FL November 1, 2022 for Thomas G. Serio, MD

It recently dawned on me that, before TWO doctors made critical errors, I donated 2 four hour days a week helping out people I did not know. For years. Good News Outreach Food Pantry and Inmate Rehab. That I had lungs that were, medically speaking, 45 years younger than they are now, according to Dr. Gredler. That before CHP (Capital Health Plan) destroyed records, while I STILL had… See more

from Christine in FL March 25, 2022 for Thomas G. Serio, MD

My husband has bronchiectasis & GERD. He is prone to bacterial infections in his lungs due to aspirating food into his lungs because the epiglottis doesn’t completely close over his wind pipe when he swallows food. A few weeks ago, he got one of these infections and I called the pulmonologist to request that he call in a prescription for antibiotics and prednisone (the usual treatment for… See more

from Christine in FL June 27, 2021 for Thomas G. Serio, MD
Image provided by: Christine

Over the past few years my husband has had to deal with a progressively debilitating back problem. Dr. Serio has been supportive in referring him to a local neurosurgeon who ultimately performed a laminectomy and fusion at L3-4 on 5/4/21. Prior to this surgery, my husband endured several years of “pain management” procedures and medications meant to alleviate pain. After his surgery, the… See more

from John in FL March 30, 2020 for Thomas G. Serio, MD

The truth is I could write a great TV series easy there has been many times Dr. Serio has come through for me and my son. So we start with the first episode late in the evening a bad asthma attack call the office to see who is on call. Dr. Serio answers no machine he is still at the office. I explained the situation and ask him why he was still working "just getting caught up Where do you… See more

from AL in FL March 27, 2020 for Thomas G. Serio, MD

Don't want to become emotional in sharing my stories. Therefore, I will pass. But, for more than 20 yrs., Dr. Serio has me feeling like I'm only 20 yrs. young today.

from Colleen in FL March 24, 2020 for Thomas G. Serio, MD
Image provided by: Colleen

Each of your patients trust you with our lives. You never seen rushed and take the time to explain what all the tests means, what the specialist report actually mean and how it will affect my day to day routine. You have gone the extra mile in helping me navigate each step in my daily new normal.

Even while you were dealing with your mother's serious illness, her death, and your… See more

from Dorene in FL March 14, 2020 for Thomas G. Serio, MD
Image provided by: Dorene

Dr. Serio is a brilliant, caring, and excellent physician. He is always responsive to my families medical needs. And during these past few years, they have been substantial. As a diagnostician, he has amazing skills. As if that isn’t enough, he is always researching new treatments that may be available to help my husband live with his chronic pain and stage 4 cancer. Dr. Serio and his staff… See more

from ROBERT in FL March 13, 2020 for Thomas G. Serio, MD

I've been part of the "system" and I hated it! Dr Serio's office is a 360 turn around compared to the others. I love that you have a good amount of time to TALK to Dr. Serio. That's how he gets to know you and can devise a health plan that fits YOU not the average person. At first I thought it was rather expensive but the attention we get is worth the expense. Dr. Serio takes the time and… See more

from Shannon in FL March 13, 2020 for Thomas G. Serio, MD

Dr. Serio has been our family doctor for 20 plus years. When he joined MDVIP, we followed him even though money was always tight for us. Any way starting about 8 years ago, I unfortunately started my path way to becoming legally blind. How did Dr. Serio help, you may ask. Well for one he was a counselor, and a person I could talk to about all the issues and tests. Mind you my wife and I went… See more

from Christine in FL March 11, 2020 for Thomas G. Serio, MD

My husband and I are both over 65. I am pretty healthy. But my husband has a number of pre-existing conditions (heart and back). Dr. Serio was our primary care doctor before he joined MDVIP. He was a very caring and knowledgeable doctor. But, whenever we had an appointment, it wasn't uncommon that we would have to wait up to 2 hours in his office before he was able to see us. He… See more